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    Took a shovel to the grill =/ Time to PlastiDip!

    70MPH on the freeway and a bouncing shovel hit the front grill. While I had the grill out to repair the split bumper I decided to PlastiDip it flat black. It turned out good enough that I now want to delete the rest of the chrome on the car (wheels too). Anyone PlastiDip their wheels? I'm...
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    How many time can your keyfob go through the wash?

    Wife approaches me the other day and says "I accidentally washed your keys, but they still work!". I think arrrgghhhh no, don't push the button!!! And immediately pull them apart, pull the battery out, and throw them in a bag of rice to wick out the moisture (plenty of water made it all the...
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    Sun roof opens by itself

    Lately my sunroof has started opening by itself. So far no issues as it hasn't happened when it's raining, but I'll come back out after driving and the vent portion is up. If I move the switch to open and back to close it shuts, but it might open again later. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or...