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    First VCDS Scan

    Hi all, I finally upgraded my ancient laptop and almost-as-ancient VAG-COM cable (old KEY-COM). I scanned my car and picked up a few codes, which isn't terribly surprising. The summary followed by the modules with codes is below (cut out the data for the modules with no codes). Before I clear...
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    Bluetooth OBD Scan Tools

    Hi Folks, I have an OBDLink MX and the Torque Pro app that I have been using to monitor EGT and such. When I close down the app, it gives me a reminder to remove the adapter from the OBD socket, which I have been doing. However, it seems that inserting and removing the adapter all the time will...
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    FS - Geneva Wheels and Tires (Mk7 Sportwagen SE wheels -17x7)

    SOLD Hi Everyone, I'm selling the wheels and tires off my Sportwagen. 17x7, ET49, 5x112 bolt pattern. The wheels are close to perfect, the tires have 32,000 miles on them, so could probably be run for a while, but I recommend new ones soon-ish. Check out the link below for lots of pictures. I...