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    Oil Filter and Skid Plate

    the oil extractor leaves about 1/8 quart of oil in your engine. but it's really good for getting the oil out of the oil filter housing- the best way to change the oil is first suck most of it out with the extractor out of the dipstick tube and oil filter housing- stick the tube into all of the...
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    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question

    when i got my JSW, the factory mat was disintegrating and covering the engine in brown powder, so i don't think fixing your factory mat is worth it. here's the stuff i was suggested to buy, i stuck it on the hood 3-ish years ago, and so far so good. good soundproofing too...
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    Leak in front passenger headliner

    I also have a JSW, had the same sunroof leakage problem. I never had a car with a sunroof before, and didn't realize that(at least vw ones) sunroofs aren't waterproof- they leak water and drain it out. okay. I did everything possible to clean the drains, snipped the nipples, checked the tube...
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    2013 sportwagen no crank update towed to dealership

    It is 100% covered under the EEW, including diagnosis, cleanup, and a loaner car. just read your warranty insert, it can't be any more obvious. Read it to the dealer, the language is very plain. This is under the "parts covered under extended warranty" section: - The air intake pipe and charge...
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    Odometer keeps reverting back 3 miles...

    I read the thread on tdiclub, and per the advice therein, disconnected both battery cables, held them together for 20sec, and odometer works normally now. By far the kookiest successful car repair I've ever done.
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    2013 sportwagen no crank update towed to dealership

    Just had a crank/no start on my jsw, thought it was intercooler(even though VW already did the intercooler fix per the EEW it felt like the same symptoms again), towed it to shop, found out it was HPFP failure. I'm 20K out of warranty(162k total mileage) so the bill at an independent vw shop is...
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    Time to finally do the pano drain hoses

    I did the full teardown/cleaning/flushing/nipple snipping, and it mostly went back together fine. But it still didn't solve the problem if the car was parked at an angle, which I thought was pretty dumb, so I taped the whole thing shut with clear Gorilla Tape, which doesn't look too bad at all...
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    Timing belt w/HPFP replacement

    Having my HPFP and associated parts replaced at an independent vw shop in Bellingham, wa. Would it be dumb not to also replace the timing belt while they're in there, even if it's not due for 50k more miles?
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    2011 JSW Odometer says error

    The odometer thing happened to my 2011 jsw, and I fixed it just now with the "capacitor discharge" technique described in this thread, and it worked. By far the kookiest car repair I've ever done but I'll take it.
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    First start of the day difficult, VVT leak?

    I had the same issue, and read somewhere on here to wait a few seconds longer after the glow plug light goes away, on the first start in the morning, and haven't had the issue since. I tried not waiting the other day(after about a year of doing the first starts this way) just to see if it was...
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    Pano sunroof

    Yeah it also seems impossible to keep it from leaking- I did all the steps, snipped the nipples, flossed the drains with weedeater line, checked the drain connections at the top, flushed all 4 drains with copious water to check the function, and it still leaked if parked on any type of incline...
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    Would you buy this 2013 Jetta Sportwagen?

    Drive the heck out of it and take vw to the cleaners for all the warranty repairs. I got everything except the turbo and the engine block replaced on my car, but it had the full 54000mi. of warranty on it when I got it. Helpful hint for longevity- don't lug it around at less than 1800rpm when...
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    Minor electrical problem

    Ooh, also, if there's a way to turn off the annoying thing that tells you to shift up or down, I'd love to turn that off if I can get the display lit back up. It's super distracting and gives terrible advice.
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    Minor electrical problem

    Car: 2011 JSW TDI 6sp My center instrument display between the tach and speedo went dim a while ago. For a while it would reliably light up at some point every day, then it went dim for about a year. Display still there, just not lit up. Fast forward to this summer, moved to central CA, A/C had...
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    Wires hanging below car

    Yeah, was just worried about the heat with the proximity to the exhaust.
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    Wires hanging below car

    Haven't had time to really get under there yet, will do so tomorrow. It's 2 wires, one has a plastic sleeve, other one doesn't. All I really want to do is tuck them in so they aren't hanging down like a loop. They seem otherwise un-damaged.
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    Wires hanging below car

    I'm also wondering which wires these are- they run perpendicular to the catalytic converter and are level with the passenger side rear of the cat.
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    Wires hanging below car

    Don't see anything, it loos like they just ran across straight, then something tugged them down a bit.
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    Wires hanging below car

    So... I did some dirt-roading in my non-lifted JSW, and I straddled a rock or something and it peeled back a piece of heat reflector(very little), and grabbed 2 wires and pulled them down under the car to where now they're hanging like a loop waiting to catch something and get ripped out...
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    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    Find one that just had its fix done(mileage wise), and take vw to the cleaners for the next 54000 miles. That's what I did.(and they were very accommodating, except vw of Boulder, CO- that place is ghetto). The turbo is the only thing on the warranty they didn't replace. And these cars drive great.