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    Fuel Prices

    The recent fuel prices have made the TDI owners look pretty smart if I do say so, not that we ever looked dumb. :unsure:One of my old sayings is "I'm not as dumb as I look you know". Anyway I haven't heard any complaining about fuel prices here like over at the RV forums:cry:. We have Sprinter...
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    Which Receiver Hitch for Bike Rack?

    Looking for a receiver hitch for a 2 bike bike rack that will fit my 2015 GSW, bikes and hitch carrier under 100 lbs. Whose using what?
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    Touareg V-10 vs Duramax

    Not sure if this has been posted over here..... Not really surprising given the traction advantage of the VW but still fun to watch.
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    Is any coolant loss to be expected?

    I've had my Sportwagen for almost 3 years and 20,000 miles. 46K on the clock. Yesterday the dash told me the coolant was low. It's down in the reservoir just enough to trigger the low coolant warning. So only a small amount is missing. Is this considered normal? None of my other vehicles do...
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    Wiper Blades

    I was surprised to find front wiper blades from the dealer cheaper than Bosch from O'reillys. Not too surprised though, my Mercedes was the same, the dealer monoblade refill was cheaper and fit better than the aftermarket ones. At VW I got the complete new blade assembly not just refills, not...
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    Emissions Testing and Traction Control

    So I went to emissions (Tucson) and they said they couldn't put it on the treadmill because of the traction control and they don't have an idle test for a diesel so basically I waited in line 40 min and handed them $9.50 and got my "passed" certificate, they didn't even raise the hood or look...
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    How Important is DSG Reset?

    After having the battery out, how important is it to reset the DSG with a scan tool? I didn't know about it when I did my DSG service. It shifted sluggishly into gear afterwords but straightened right out in under a minute. I have put around 200 miles on it since and it is shifting fine. Is...
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    MK7 Jack Pad Kit

    Thinking of getting this kit to make servicing easier, anyone tried it?
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    Connector Question

    Does anyone know where this connector clips onto it's retainer? It obviously had a retainer at one time as there is a slot for it on the connector. It's attached to a pigtail of small gauge wire that comes off the master cylinder and the way it was just dangling was pulling on those small...
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    Air Box Grommets

    It looks like Randy Roughhouse was the last guy to work on my car, I found none of the cables under the air box and battery tray in their retainers and one of the grommets was pushed in on the air box keeping it from being secure and creating a leak albeit on the dirty side. These grommets look...
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    Oil Choices

    I am getting ready to order my 40K service kit from IDParts and there are several oil choices I can choose from, Rowe 5W30, Liqui Moly 5W30, Total Ineo Long Life 5W30, Pentosin 5W30 or VW High Performace 0W30. The Rowe is standard with the kit and the others are add on costs anywhere from $3 to...
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    Sunglass compartment broke

    Got in the car yesterday and it was hanging open, would not latch. Hook busted on one side and latch on the other, must have been damaged before I bought it as I don't recall abusing it at all. So far 2 glue attempts failed, one with glue and one with JB weld and a file, trying JB Weld Epoxy...
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    DSG service kit

    What are you guys using, I need everything including the tool to pump it in. Not really on a budget and don't mind paying for good stuff. I need all the parts, fluid and fill tool.
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    SD Card mp4 file display

    I transferred some mp4 files from iTunes onto a 128 SDXC card formatted to exFAT per the owner's manual. The issue is when I bring up the track list on the touch screen it displays all the artwork files first, which of course are not playable, then the playable music files after all the...
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    Jacking on the rear axle

    Is it OK to use a floor jack on the rear axle to lift both rear wheels at the same time? 2015 GSW.
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    Battery Date

    My battery has 0915 stamped into the top near the negative terminal (see red circle). I assume this is the mfg date but it does confuse me a bit as Carfax shows the car delivered in 0415 and registered to it's owner in 0515 so if that is indeed the battery date it must have been replaced shortly...
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    Fuel additives?

    Does anyone use them, are they not recommended? I am specifically referring to Opti-Lube XPD for lubricity and maybe a cetane booster like Stanadyne Performance. I run them in my old Powerstroke since ULSD started, the Stanadyne Performace does nothing for lubricity thus the Optilube which I...
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    Oil Change Interval

    Oil Change Interval EA-288 I heard some people like to change the oil every 5K instead of the factory recommended 10K, (even my local VW indy said 5K) what is the general consensus here? My plan is to send a sample to Blackstone around 5-6 K and pay for the TBN test as well, just to see where...
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    How big is the fuel tank

    On the 2015 GSW? I thought it was 13 gallons, I ran down to 1/16th and refilled with 12.8 gallons, hard to believe I only had .2 gal left in there! Maybe the filler neck holds a bit!
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    Interested in a Toureg

    I am presently driving a Sportwagen TDI which I love but I am also interested in the Toureg TDI. Just starting my research after driving one today, a 2011. I do not want a sun/moon roof which puts me in the Sport trim. My Sportwagen is a base model and has manual seats except for the tilt, and...