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    Engine stumbles bad - towed it home to be safe.

    I goot most of the way home yesterday then suddenly it wasn't happy. Could use some help interpreting these 3 codes. Would the maf or coolant sensor cause the injector to show malfunction or are they separate issues that appeared at once. turbo seems fine. I had boost on the gauge. Also oil...
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    As title says looking for some roof racks. Roof is naked with no front-to-back rails . Can cover shipping depending on price (looking to spend around $150 for the racks ?, hopefully not too much more, if possible =) Thanks 95762
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    ** FOUND ** - WTB: pd150 Intake Manifold

    Normal side inlet. I can pm if ya got one!, seeing if I can piece together some upgrades. for a '04 Bew. , let me know how much with shipping , thanks! 95762
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    Groaning at a particular rpm range

    So my BEW has begun making this noise only between 1900-2200 rpm range, under a load and hardly noticeable with no load. If I keep it at that rpm range under a load the groan will stay until I'm out of that rpm range. The sound is kind of like forcing air through a bellows or dare I say like a...
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    Cooler out exhaust to downstream exhaust

    Has anyone tried routing the exhaust from the cooler outlet to a port welded on the exhaust after the turbo to retain a warming loop after a delete?.. with an insulated flex-pipe between those two points it could be done fairly simply. The pressures at either end I don't believe would cancel as...
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    Cold weather warm up

    I understand it's normal for diesels to warm up slower than gassers, and to not run very efficiently until closer to operating temperature. But with my 2004 PD at 30-40 degree ambient morning it takes at least 5 miles into my drive after a 10 minute warm up for the needle to even think about...
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    Wtb - Bentley service manual covering 2004 tdi diesel Jetta

    To care for my 2004 PD Tdi Jetta. I like doing my own work. Thanks. Pm pls thx
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    Service manual for 2004 jetta

    I need one. Is there a free pdf somewhere? I haven't had to purchase a one in decades. thanks
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    A4 threw an engine light on way home

    What is the easiest quickest way to pull the code. Can I use a regular OBD2 scanner? I know I need to invest in a VDCS but I'm just looking for the easiest way to know what code was thrown. All the vitals seem fine and it is running normally and I need to drive this to work tomorrow. My work...