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    2002 Golf - reasonable asking price

    Depends... Everyone seems to want a two door, so if that's what you've got, maybe people will look the other way with some of the cosmetic stuff. Is the transmission a manual or an automatic? The auto will lower the value. What color is the interior? Tan and gray usually look like crap...
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    I'd bite, but I can't imagine what shipping would be.
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    WTB: Glass headlight lenses

    Glass lenses are back - check eBay. I looked up mk4 Jetta glass lenses and bought a set. Definitely aftermarket stuff, but better than polycarbonate.
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    HID headlights

    Any reliable vendors converting factory US headlights to HID? I'm not having much luck with Midwest Light.
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    Midwest Light Creations- HID Headlights and Retrofit Kits (Headlights by Jeff)

    Seems like another previously reputable vendor turned sour. I sent some glass MK4 lenses to him two months ago for a light buildup. Doesn't answer phone calls, rarely responds to texts.
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    FOR SALE: Mk4 Rally light bar

    Yes, count me in.
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    WTB manual swap parts Michigan

    Definitely need the transmission, Backing plate (dust plate), starter, axels, shifter, shift cable, pedals, master cylinder. I think that's it. Midland isn't far from me - maybe 1.5 hours.
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    WTB manual swap parts Michigan

    My mistake. It’s a 2001 Jetta.
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    WTB manual swap parts Michigan

    Seems like these things have dried up... Anyone within 4 hours of the Detroit area have the parts needed to do the auto to manual swap? thanks, Matt
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    SOLD: 2002 Jetta TDI GLS automatic, Owosso MI

    I'm local. Can i check the car out?
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    2006 Jetta TDI Manual (5) silver sedan for sale with extras

    There are a lot of folks looking for TDI's with the price of fuel and everything else going up. Pictures would help your cause. Color? Interior?
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    FS Cover King custom cover MK4 Jetta

    I bought this about three years ago and then sold my Jetta. It was pretty expensive - around $230-250. CoverKing stormproof blue. How does $80 sound?
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    Car cover
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    Car cover
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    FS: 2005 Jetta TDI MKIV Sedan: located in SE Indiana

    I would try Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. I've seen a few cars sit in the tdiclub classifieds for a long time and get snatched up on other places. A couple years ago, when I listed my MK4 jetta it pulled a lot of interest, but the enthusiasts never stepped up the plate. A kid who really...
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    FS: 2005 Jetta TDI MKIV Sedan: located in SE Indiana

    Just my two cents... A MK4 Jetta with PD engine and a failing tiptronic transmission is a tough sell. Although it's preferable to an 01M, it's still expensive to fix and not definitely not as popular as the manual. The $2800 price is higher than most people here are willing to pay. If you...
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    FS: 2012 Golf TDI - 6MT, Tech, etc. [NorCal]

    Hi, Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see color, miles, or number of doors.
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    PD engine for CJ5 + PTO generator

    Hi all, I l’m thinking about transplanting a BEW engine into my old CJ5 Jeep. I know this has been done before but I’m wondering if it’s possible to govern the engine to a set speed and maintain it via closed loop control? I’m interested in the possibility of using the jeep’s rear PTO to...
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    FS: 12 Golf TDI 2DR, manual, tech package

    Tried to pm. Is the car still available?
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    2001 Jetta gls 5speed vnt 17/22 - 11010 NY

    Just putting my two cents in... I sold a PERFECT 2002 tdi last year - six speed, all the right mods, Etc. etc. mint interior, flawless exterior, no salt ever and all I was able to get for it was $5400. $5k seems high for the car.