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    Does bad thermostat, lower operating temperature, significantly decrease MPG?

    My t-stat was bad when I bought my '11 Golf. Gauge would read up to temp most of the time but drop when I went downhill. Seemed to never close so it would never get to full operating temperature. Mileage was about 37 mpg. It had a bad dpf too. I did the TB, WP, all maintenance and fixed some...
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    2011 golf thermostat replacement

    I did the same thing as farnhamassoc. Didn't take the oil filter housing off. It is a pain but I have seen worse. I did remove the whole front clip off the car to access everything so much easier. I drained and refilled my manual transmission and bled the brakes while I had easy access. I...
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    EGR plates

    I second this, but I need it for a 2015.
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    Help! T-stat replacement gone bad

    I too replaced my thermostat a couple of weeks ago. The myturbodiesel how to, this thread and another how to video on youtubes helped. I replaced the crossover pipe and removed the front clip thanks to oilhammers suggestions. I did not remove the oil filter housing but used a short triple square...
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    Recently did the TB, t-stat (worst location ever), fuel filter, cabin filter, oil change, brake bleed, and some exhaust work. It is all up to date on maintenance now.
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    Second DPF replacement in 3 months

    I had no issues at with getting my DPF replaced on my 2011 on August 31, 2021. I had just bought the car too. The previous owner did have issues getting the dealer to replace it for some reason. He was just done with car and dealer at that point. I guess it can depend on the dealer.
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    Timing belt costs

    I agree, easy with the proper tools to lock the pump, cam and crank. Saves a bunch of money. Took me about 5-6 hours by myself including fighting the belt to get it on. Sometimes they cooperate and other times they don’t.
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    Dpf part's from delete

    I have on that has less than 100 miles on it. PM me if interested
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    Help! T-stat replacement gone bad

    Oilhammer, I am going to be doing this on my 2011 Golf. I am going to do this when I do my TB and WP as well. Which seals should I get and do exactly which pipe do you recommend replacing? Is it 31 from the diagram Jesus_man referenced?
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    So Who Has The Most Miles?

    Which year is your? I would love to get the original tune back. I don’t need a bunch more power, I just want it the way it was. My TCM is stock since I had two of them at the time.
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    So Who Has The Most Miles?

    I have 82K miles on my 2015. Runs great other than the lag that the new emissions tuning introduced. I hate that!
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    Dpf part's from delete

    I want your Rawtek or Buzzken downpipe from the delete. Not the dpf sadly.
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    CP3 3.0 conversion

    Whitbread Performance sells them. I don't see it on his website but he told me that he does sell them. give him a call, he usually answers the phone himself.
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    Slow response time from a standstill?

    I agree. I will do that the very second I am out of warranty and won't look back.
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    Slow response time from a standstill?

    I've had the neuter/fix on my Treg for a long time now. My filter changes have been like clockwork and it hasn't made a bit of difference. I am with you, the lag is dangerous. I am going to file a complaint with the NTSB. I think everyone should, it is unacceptable.
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    Delete install & uninstall cost

    It should only take a couple hours to do the delete and then another to uninstall. The pipe you have to replace is pretty easy to get to and is on the bottom of the vehicle. Malone charges $100 to upgrade your tune from a non-delete tune to a delete tune last I checked. Make sure you pack your...
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    2015 GOLF TDI GLS $9500 sold

    It does not. There are a few out there that have it but not many.