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    Light 15 in wheel questions

    I am looking for light weight 15 in wheels in a 5x100 to fit my 2003 MK4 tdi golf. I have looked searched an bunch for stuff but I get lost in the offset and stuff. This is what I am looking at currently, there 12.5 lbs. Please advise
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    NM gurus?

    Looking for trusted gurus in Northern NM. Thanks
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    Muffles express products

    Has anyone used these guys, I found this setup the other day. Thanks
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    WTB ALH large cooling fan

    Looking for the large fan not the smaller one. ALH
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    light repair

    So I smacked a deer on the way home from work tonight. Cracked the plastic on my headlights, little bulge on the fender but I think I can tap that out. So the question is can I replace the plastic, or use this
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    rally wheels

    Anyone ever seen these wheels or ever heard of them? I think 400 is a bit steep. If they are super light weight I am down. Let me know what you think. If I should get them or not.
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    wagon headlight fuses

    Anyone know what the low beam and the High beam fuses should be. Is it 15 for the low and 10 for the high??
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    05 passat fuse issues

    I have a buddy driving home in his 05 passat wagon he just bought. It keeps popping head light fuses, anyone know what amp fuse this takes??
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    Timing belt pics

    So my buddy sent me these pics of his timing belt, he pulled off his cover and got this. Sorry for the small photos, photo bucket just changed there site. The belt has avout 50K on it, my first reaction was oh **** :eek:, the belts done. Figure I would get some feadback ffrom...
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    Audi rare Fuchs ultra light aluminum wheels - $100 each (Santa Fe)

    Ok these are not mine! I do not know the guy. I saw them on CL and figured I would pass this on. Audi 15x7 5x112 rare wheels found on orginal URQuattro rally car. very strong and hard to find. I have 3 sets. no longer using 5 bolt wheels. PRICE EACH Santa Fe NM...
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    steat belts swap

    Does any one know if all of the VW MK 4 seat belts swap? Like a Jetta belt swap over to a golf?
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    WTB front seat belts black

    I need both front seat belts, in black. Thanks:D
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    New tires

    We the time has come to get new tires! I have the 195/65r15s and have been looking for a while. I wanted to know what you guys thought. So I have been looking at Eagle Sport All-Season (V-Speed Rated), frrom tire rack. Want to know if anyone has been running them. I would like to buy a...
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    I think I screwed up my Battery!

    Ok, well back in July the car sat for 8weeks, would not start i jumped it and drove around for a while. Then I charged it for about 5 hrs or so on the battery charger. Then she died the other day due to cold weather, pulled the battery, checked the water, DRY! Added water, added to much water...
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    dumb oil filter question

    Yea so I changed my oil the other day and my new upper oil filter gasket leaked after I got it all tightend up. So can i take out the oil filter with out draining the oil? I thought that the oil drains down in to the pan from the filter. I know on most cars you can not do this. Also does...
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    DRLs work then not work.

    So my DRLs will some times work and then other times not work. The lights work fine when I turn them on. Anyone have this problem before? Thanks
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    best tuner for elevation

    Hey I have a bone stock 2003 golf and I live about 7200 ft. This car sees elevations from 100ft to 12,000ft. So I want to get a chip stage one or two which tuner would be the best to work with? Also planned mods will not be to much more other than removing the muffler and some intercooler pipe...
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    ECS N75 race valve

    Anyone ever seen this or use it!
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    OEM rack removal

    Hey all I have the VW oem silver rack on my car. I am looking to remove the rack because most of my attachments do not fit this thing. Plus I have another yak rack that does fit everything. Anyways I bought this car used and the key for the rack was not with it. Anyone know how to get a key or...
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    Where did the colorado thread go??

    What happened to the colorado thread ?? I thought there was going to be some kind of colorado meet going on as some point. We could always do a vw 4 corners meet as well, that would be bad ass. People from co, ut, az,nm!!