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    San Diego area Guru recommendation needed.

    I need recommendations for a trusted TDI Guru in the San Diego area. Project is a top end reseal of an ALH/VE IP pump for a family members' car. I checked the list & did not see anyone in that area. Thanks in advance.
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    B4V for sale.

    Not mine. No affiliation. thought someone might be interested. 96 B4V, green/tan. Said to be 140k miles. I am amazed at the number of low milage A3s & B4s that have appeared recently...
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    06 Jetta/BRM part out.

    Central MD/Annapolis area. White/tan, BRM 5 speed manual package 1 car part out. Front seats very worn. Transmission cracked. Otherwise, parts in good to very good condition. Please PM needs. I will respond with prices. Local pick-up preferred. Engine has 250K on it. Cam done @ 160K...
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    Cracked DPF. Question on wisdom of delaying replacement.

    CEL's P0401 & P2002 along with soot on the tail pipe. 2012 JSW w/CJAA manual, @ 165K miles & Dieselgate programing. Relatively new to me, out of Dieselgate warranty. I have aftermarket exhaust components to install. CELs have been showing for about 2 weeks now. VCDS confirmed, etc...
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    A4V comparable values. 02/03

    I am in need of comparable values for an A4V, preferably those located in California. But known comparable sale will help. The higher the better. My son's 02 A4V sustained minor/cosmetic damage, side & rear glass, paint chips & minor dings. The insurance company, (USAA, I will never ever...
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    2012 JSW Cranks/No start diagnostic help needed. Initial issues solved & fixed.

    BACKGROUND: 12 JSW w/ CJAA engine. 163K miles. Fix done, out of extended warranty. Acquired in a Cranks/Engine turns over, but no start/no run condition. My initial VCDS scan produced only a couple error codes, the dreaded P2015 (& related codes) and the above related to the exhaust...
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    B4 available.

    This just popped up on my FB feed. Not mine. No affiliation. With parts getting as scarce, someone in the area might be able to pick up spares, or better at a bargain.
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    Windshield wiper mechanism help needed.

    2006 BRM 180K miles; Windshield wiper assembly help needed. Problem/Complaint: The windshield wipers are not making normal full sweep. With the wiper arms & blades off, the mechanism makes full movement. With either arm/blade on, the mechanism makes full movement. When the glass is...
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    Munich Institute: Electric cars polute more than diesels

    I will just leave this here:
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    BRM engine, long block FS. $650/obo

    BRM long block. Approx. 200K miles with approx. 55K on t. belt. Running take out from rear end collision car. Link to craigslist add. Disclosure: I am the seller. I have not pulled the VC to inspect cam lobes. $650/obo. PM any interest...
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    WTB 06/07 BRM Transmission code GQQ

    As the header says, I am in search of a GQQ 5 speed transmission for an 06 BRM. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB BRM Alternator mount

    I am in need of an alternator mount bracket, some times referred to as the accessory mount bracket, PN: 038-903-139-AF
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    2000 Red New Beetle GLS ALH

    2000 VW New Beetle, TDI (ALH) with 5 speed. GLS model, ALH. Red w/ black interior. 208,xxx miles. ECU tune, stage 2. Timing belt, H2O pump, serpentine belt, belt idlers, etc. done, intake manifold cleaned and new brakes, struts & shocks at 150K miles. Next due @ 250K. The good...
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    Mazda SUV diesel in '17? I hope so.
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    Unique conversion Worth looking I just leave this here. Enjoy
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    Not B4, but VW & worth watching
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    B4V on Ebay

    Mine. It is a nice car. I was hoping to quietly sell & find a good home. But, those that I sent PM's to that appeared interested in a B4V did not work out. So, on to Ebay w/ a high reserve. If someone...
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    J-500 Electro-mechanical power steering ground

    In chasing gremlins in my dash, cluster & climatic system, my searches found background threads (& others): Bentleys shows various ground points for the MKV platform. Not all are...
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    B4V, $3,500 NC CL find

    Not mine, I happened to notice the listing when researching prices/values when getting ready to list a NB Not a bad price. But, IMHO, it really makes Bravo19r 's car look like great buy.
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    96 B4V DC area $2,300 Not mine, No affiliation, No knowledge. Posted the link in the event someone here is interested.