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    Im back, another new to me 2015- 2 stage recall on the 15?

    picked up another 2015 NMS, ok...its been a few years- refresh my memory on the 2 stage recall. This car has had only the original recall done and is popping up in the service department for needing the 2nd one done, what is all involved in the 2nd and will it decrease my MPG? I am currently...
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    alignment help

    hello, im on my 2nd TDI nms and both wore the inside of the front's out fast, my current 2015 wore them to the cords yet vw says the alignment is in spec. does anyone have the recommend specs for the front end that I can give to a independent shop? The car drives perfect, just the inside edge of...
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    LED interior lights, hanging the controller open?

    I installed all LED interior lights, now they stay dimly lit 24/7- is it somehow not allowing the controller to close? Same problem on my 2012 ram truck, but the interior lights are not lit- but the battery's die in 4 days. any help is pretty welcomed :D
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    just lost my only SEL kessy fob in the river (don't ask) my car is in the parking lot locked up and sorta safe. Question, Can I use vcds to pair the Non Kessy key fob from my totaled 2013 SE to my new 2015 SEL? Hoping to avoid paying for a new fob. Thanks, Joe
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    Memory seats and mirrors+Fob

    Hello everyone, I have yet to figure out how to clear the previous owners seat memory out of my key fob- been re adjusting everything every drive for 15k now. My new 2015 SEL didn't come with a Manuel but I do have my totaled 2013's manual figured a SEL seat is the same but maybe not? I have...
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    12-14 CKRA VS 15 CVCA Differences

    As most of you know my wife Totaled my 2013 CKRA that I kept in pristine condition (even waxed inside the doorjambs!) So I picked up a really nice (but not as nice as my old 13 was) 2015 SEL: here are some observations so far of the differences from the CKRA to the 2015 CVCA other than...
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    2013 NMS Totaled- video

    Well everyone, my beloved NMS got totaled today- all that work keeping the oil changes to the mile perfect, dsg oil fresh, fuel filters....fresh wax, even waxed behind the license get it right? sigh... the good news is no kids in the car, just the wife and the NMS is a very strong...
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    oil seals covered by the dieselgate ext?

    my extended warranty for the scandal extends to 142,000 miles- I have a oil leak somewhere inside the t belt housing, loosing a half quart every 5k.... but a mess under the car- does this cover seals? I see it covers everything the exhaust touches but not much on other items Thanks, Joe
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    Mpg @ 80mph

    planning to take family to LEGOLAND, its a 2K round trip mostly at cali speeds of 78-80MPH the entire way. since Oregon still has a snail pace 55mph speed limit I really do not know how well our TDI's do at higher speeds in regards to MPG? What can I expect at these higher speeds? 2013 with a...
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    Christmas lights & the NMS

    Our local racetrack does a 2 mile long animated light display that you drive threw,( ) requirement is you must drive with only parking lights- no head lights- I couldn't figure it out! They let me go, but with hazards on and the E-brake up one click to...
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    Regen Urine smell + wife ultimatum

    its been over a week since the gen2 fix, and now the car is in full regen every other night we pull in the garage- has anyone smelled the regen exhaust??? It used to smell like bleach but now it smells strait up like Hot Pee after eating asparagus, i assume its from the increased Urea injection...
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    Fix & $ Option- When do we get our $?

    I completed all steps and received this email with the word "IF" clearly written under the fix and cash option, Do we get our cash now or only "IF" the fix is approved by carb? If not approved does vw not have to pay us anything? "Your acceptance of our offer is complete. We will notify you if...
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    Wait, Golf Alltrack?

    seen a TV ad for a golf all track awd! I sure hope they offer this in a TDI as soon as the dust is settled :D
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    Clock spring broke, no recall!

    My clock spring just broke on my late model 2013 that I never received a recall notice for- made a appointment to get it fixed where they also said that my car is not effected by the clock spring recall and that I will be liable for the full cost of repair :mad: ***! If I continue to drive it...
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    VW to shift focus to EV's

    No mention of new TDI's being sold in the future :( Time for a solar panel home upgrade!
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    Dead ALH for $1k?

    Hello, I ran across a strait 2000 Jetta ALH for sale that suffered a runaway death from oil buildup- or maybe a tune with to high of EGT's either way #1 is melted with a scored block, worth $1,000 bucks? car has 250k and is in good shape for the miles. :cool:
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    2016 Passat no DRL?

    Passed a 2016 NMS TSI today, was checking out the ugly reflectors in the bumper and the new hood as I passed it, but then noticed the lack of any DRL lighting- just the amber turn signals that are lit up brightly in place of a real DRL. looked like a gigantic bug in my rear view mirror with...
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    Drain plug washer

    Used my white card at the local dealer today to pick up more filters and oil, I asked about the drain plug washer and that mine is leaking from the last oil change- huge mess on the belly pan! They say its reusable and they don't show a part number so I couldn't even purchase one. is the washer...
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    Youtube video for Euro EA189
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    Why is Oil leaking out of my frame?

    Some I phone videos I took while searching for the source of the leak: Im puzzled. car is at 51K and engine oil is dripping out of both drivers side and passenger frame rails directly below the front of the cabin- and is visible on the front of the frame below the...