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    ALH into 95 Ranger 4x4

    DEA A2698HY
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    ALH into 95 Ranger 4x4

    F150 hyd mounts work awesome and are cheap. No vibe issues at all and I would second that a good flex joint is a must on the downpipe.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    first looks great and the .84 6th is what im really after when compared to the .72 in the nv3500.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    over 5k miles on the SAS now and first tire rotate. Also moved the exhaust to the rear finally. Im leaving the shackle height as is for now. Sits level with a load of green wood and rides great. Im do for a Timing belt soon and trying to get the extra BHW short block ready to throw...
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Im happy to have it back on the road for sure. Was alot of work but it rides amazing now. I lost 1MPG probably ,need to empty this tank first to see, but well worth it IMHO. Still have a few more plans for this thing but atleast I can drive and work on it now.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    43" front and 45" rear but im gonna adjust the rear down another inch with shackles. those are 33.9" tires
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Shocks are in and stock sway bar is gonna work just need to extend the end links an inch and will work fine. So I drove it today to bed in the brakes and just a road worthy shake down. And here is full droop on the driver side. You caint tell but tire is off ground. I was adjusting the...
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    ball joints , Hub bearings, grease everything and some paint today. Also sat it down on the front. Brake lines are next.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Sprung! Ordering tires now. yea I know Im way behind.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Slight update coilovers are in but waiting on a new plasma cutter to arrive as mine released all its smoke the one day I had some time to fab. Everything you see just tacked for now. Slow progress but I caint complain. God is good! Happy mothers day!