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    WTB MK4 Jetta drivers side headlight assembly

    Mice destroyed the wiring iand while I will try to repair it, I may need a replacement.
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    How does this sound for a 2014 JSW

    I have been an ALH and BEW owner for 16 years and am knowledgeable about them but am completely at sea with the newer cars. Saw this ad: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6M) Mileage: 66,056 Very clean $12k USD. Have not seen it in person but looks great in...
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    F.S.- MK 4 Wagon Cargo cover in Vermont - $35

    Rear cargo cover from 2004 MK 4 VW Jetta wagon. Works, has some stains Must pick up Can't post pics
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    PD lift pump motor only replacement

    I have found the full pump replacement thread but I can't find a write up on just replacing the motor only on the PD lift pump. Does anyone have the link? Thanks
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    No start

    So I just returned from a trip to town with 3 stops during the run. Got to my parents house and went in to feed their cat; 2 minutes at most. Back in the car and now it won't start. Half tank of fuel remaining, the in tank fuel pump runs, the starter cranks over fast but I get no fire. What...
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    More spam

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    Some codes just popped up

    CEL clicked on a few days back and I just got around to scanning it and got the following: Address 01: Engine Labels: 038-906-016-BEW.lbl Control Module Part Number: 038 997 016 R HW: 028 101 114 6 Component and/or Version: R4 1,9L EDC G000SG 0282...
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    MK4 Jetta wagon and ALH parts

    I have somewhat gathered my loose parts stash together: All prices are plus shipping. Wagon Roof Rails - $60 Large and small cooling fans [3 have bracket 1 without] $30 each [tested work] Rear wiper motor $30 Radiator - $40 condensor $40 Injector hard lines $35 Center and DS lower grill...
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    FS ALH valve cover, injector hard lines, more

    All from 03 Jetta wagon with 180k miles VC - $35 shipped 4 injector lines - $25 shipped wiper motor assy - $75 shipped Mk4 ABS module - $50 shipped OEM Double DIN Radio w/ Premium 6 CD player - $25 shipped Works fine and has the code. Stock Cluster - $35 MK4 fuel pedal/TPS - $60 shipped...
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    taillight fuse

    Is there a specific fuse for just the right taillight? 04 Jetta wagon
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    FS: MK4 fuel pedal/TPS

    From my 03 Jetta - $65 shipped
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    Final MK4 ALH wagon part out

    This is it.:D Having obtained a trailer, my 03 Blue wagon shell and all the misc. stuff, will at last head off to the great scrap yard in the sky. 180k miles. I still have a bunch of parts from it and will post more as I get them out. Below is a partial list. You know what this stuff looks...
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    NO cruise and flashing GP light then gone

    Took the 04 to work today and the previously functional cruise control would not work and as I was driving, the GP light began flashing. No panic, just went to work. Upon leaving for the day, I started the car and the GP light was still flashing. However, about 100 yards down the road it...
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    melted headlight bulb holder

    A few months back the PS bulb died. I replaced it and motored on. Today, it failed again, sigh...I opened up the headlight to find a total meltdown on the end of the bulbholder. ***? The bulb, though the base was a little melty, is still good. Thankfully I still had a holder left in the parts...
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    ALH intercooler

    Out of my 03 parts car w/180k miles Map sensor screws stripped. $20 plus shipping
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    ALH engine cover Pop off attachment kit

    ALH engine cover Pop off attachment kit SOLD Set of 3 studs and 3 grommets to make engine cover removal a snap Manufacturer Number: 06A103951 06A103226 SOLD
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    ALH Vacuum pump

    ALH Vacuum pump SOLD Out of 03 Jetta w/180k miles SOLD
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    Mk4 ABS module

    Out of 03 TDI w/180k miles $50 shipped
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    Mk4 OEM steering rack with all components

    I pulled the entire rack and attached parts without opening the system. So the reservoir, pump and lines are included. The hard lines are rusty but not leaking I don't know if shipping it intact like this is advisable so... All for $100 plus shipping.
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    FS: Alternator

    SOLD FS: Alternator SOLD This is out of an 03 TDI w/180k miles. Appears to be aftermarket It has a fixed pulley.