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  1. tdihopeful

    Couple Questions

    I think these are not really "newbie" questions but figured TDI 101 was still the place to ask. 1. Would optimal economy RPM perhaps be different on a higher milage engine? Meaning an engine that is at approximately 260,000 that probably hasn't had extensive tolerance work completed such as new...
  2. tdihopeful

    I was asked to help with a 2008 Bluebird 40' Schooly Conversion Bus

    A guy with a Bluebird 40' School Bus that want to build it as an RV/Tiny Home wants to know if I can help get it running proper after he says his Brother ran Gas in it. I asked here what could happen with VW TDI'S before but thought I should ask about a Bluebird Bus specifically. He says they...
  3. tdihopeful

    Getting Key Fobs Cut

    Maybe have the opportunity to purchase a very low cost TDI Beetle that needs front and rear glass and has two keys that need to be cut. I don't know the whole story of the car yet seems kinda sketchy. I'd like to know what is involved in getting keys cut if there is no master key available. I...
  4. tdihopeful

    Why is my Turbo Shrieking?

    I reassembled my car pretty fuuuuking god-damned carefully. Was careful not to kink the turbo oil exit flex line. Added oil to the turbo inlet port before reconnecting the inlet line. I had started and run the car a little yesterday and today when I take it out as soon as I step on the throttle...
  5. tdihopeful

    Post Turbo EGT

    Could anyone tell me what the EGT should be post Turbo? Specifically Where the exhaust pipe flex section meets the exhaust down tube.
  6. tdihopeful

    CV Boot Replacement

    Is it possible to replace inner and outer CV boots on a MK4 Jetta without removing the axels from the wheel bearings/steering knuckle? If yes does that involve disassembly of the inner CV and if yes are there special tools required? Would a press be absolutely essential or could a hammer and...
  7. tdihopeful

    Hot tightened exhaust manifold nuts

    Is there a way to run an ALH while still being able to access the exhaust manifold nuts to tighten them after engine reaches operating temperature or an alternative perhaps using a heat gun or blow torch on the studs to achieve a nut set that won't tend to slacken over time? I have gotten to my...
  8. tdihopeful

    I would like to post on a non VW non diesel car I own.

    Haven't found a Subaru specific forum that is any good with mechanic afficianado that can answer involved engine and transmission diagnostics type questions. Would like to post here someplace without being lynched...
  9. tdihopeful

    Alternator Question

    In an attempt to keep my car somewhat healthy as it is sitting waiting for me to install a new clutch, Helicoil in wheel bearing housing and general cleaning I decided to start and run the engine for a while. I noticed that the alternator wasn't spinning at idle. Is this normal? From what I...
  10. tdihopeful

    Gas run in TDI scenario

    I saw an ALH on craigslist that was said to have had gasoline run in it. Says it needs work. Not considering buying it at the moment but thought I'd ask what potential damage would such a blunder cause. Could it be as simple as flushing the fuel system with correct fuel and starting it up? Would...
  11. tdihopeful

    What is a good aftermarket Wheel Bearing

    In a possible effort to get my car back on the road I would likely need a front wheel bearing (s) because of a stripped wheel bearing housing caliper slider pin hole... Suggestions on quality aftermarket Wheel Bearing or hub assembly?
  12. tdihopeful

    Single Mass Flywheel and Clutch Replacement

    I ordered a Sachs Single Mass and Clutch. I know I need two special tools including a Clutch Centering tool and A Flywheel locking tool. Questioning the Clutch Centering tool choice as I read that the specific tool can vary with specific clutch type, brand etc. Is this correct or can I use any...
  13. tdihopeful

    Shocks and Struts

    For shocks and Struts is it a recommendation to use a shock and strut or is it easy enough to reuse the old springs.
  14. tdihopeful

    Underbody Plastics

    I just ordered new underbody Plastics. Engine covers/splash guards and wheel well plastic plus a right front steering knuckle. I probably need to purchase the hardware to hold them in or is there a better solution perhaps involving welding in tabs? A number of the old attachment points were...
  15. tdihopeful

    Front Control Arm Bushings Replacement

    The bushings on the front lower control arms are cracked. I have ordered new bushings but they look pretty hard to replace. I'll plan on watching a video on this if I can find one.
  16. tdihopeful

    Tow package/hitch

    I had ordered a Kurt Hitch however because of a misunderstanding it was returned to sender. I am thinking now of Fabrication of my own. I'm pretty good at welding and was thinking perhaps I can weld brackets onto the frame rails then have a hitch that bolts to those. Avoiding drilling holes in...
  17. tdihopeful

    Spindals Swap

    Do I need a special tool(s) to Swap Spindals other than a 12 sided socket and breaker bar?
  18. tdihopeful

    Off Road Diesel/Home Heating Oil Cetain Level?

    I was wondering if the Quality of Off Road Diesel is different than Taxed "on road" fuel. Cetain rating for example and if this would affect a TDI as far as engine operation. I am not advocating using Off Road Diesel for on road use I am asking this question for educational purposes.
  19. tdihopeful

    2004-5 Passat Engine Transverse?

    I was considering that it would be cool to convert an Passat to manual trans and had in preliminary research found a shop that was offering the conversion that was enough to think it could be relatively easy to do. Saw a Passat for sale for 850$ and was said to have approx 150,000 and a "clean...
  20. tdihopeful

    Beetle RSI style TDI

    The Beetle has grown on me and I would like to start entertainment of building a TDI Beetle 4 motion with body kit RSI style. Where to start? Purchase a TDI Beetle and weld in an R-32 drive train? Start with an R-32 and tear the body off? Would like to go with least modifications necessary. Even...