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    Timing belt w/HPFP replacement

    Having my HPFP and associated parts replaced at an independent vw shop in Bellingham, wa. Would it be dumb not to also replace the timing belt while they're in there, even if it's not due for 50k more miles?
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    Minor electrical problem

    Car: 2011 JSW TDI 6sp My center instrument display between the tach and speedo went dim a while ago. For a while it would reliably light up at some point every day, then it went dim for about a year. Display still there, just not lit up. Fast forward to this summer, moved to central CA, A/C had...
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    Wires hanging below car

    So... I did some dirt-roading in my non-lifted JSW, and I straddled a rock or something and it peeled back a piece of heat reflector(very little), and grabbed 2 wires and pulled them down under the car to where now they're hanging like a loop waiting to catch something and get ripped out...
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    Mystery noise!

    I'm having a strange noise in my 6spd JSW- in first and second gear, when I lift off the throttle but am still in gear, there's a pretty lame sounding grumbling noise. Goes away as soon as I touch the throttle or the clutch. Car runs and drives fine otherwise. Any ideas?
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    So, they're replacing my cylinder head now...

    I just spent 19 days at vw of boulder, co waiting for an intercooler repair kit and ecu wiring harness replacement under warranty. When i got the car back, it had a CEL which they said was for glow plugs. they recommended all the plugs replaced, but that "2 of them were rounded off and not able...
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    Cabin air temp sensor location

    Hi guys, was wondering where the cabin air temp sensor is located in a 2011 JSW tdi. They're relatively cheap so I want to try replacing it to see if it helps my a/c before I go with the much more likely compressor replacement. Side question- are all the a/c compressors the same across the mk6...
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    warranty intake manifold replacement

    so, brought my 2011 JSW to a vw dealership to regen the dpf, couldn't do it myself because there was a CEL for a 2015 code(tried to clear code and regen,no luck). vw said to execute the warranty to a tee, they had to replace entire intake manifold and dpf. i said "ok". they gave me a 2019 atlas...
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    2011 JSW pano sunroof water woes

    so i have a 2011 jsw with the pano sunroof. before driving from north carolina to western washington state, i made sure to fix the sunroof drain issue by flossing the hoses and snipping off all 4 of the dumb nipples at the bottom of the hoses, because it's very rainy in nw washington in the...
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    Sno-seal on rubber trim?

    This may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if you can use Sno seal on pieces of trim on your car? I'm only asking because I have Sno seal right here and I don't have any fancy rubber care products. I have a MK6 JSW and the rubber around the inside of the enormous sunroof needs some attention.
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    mk6 JSW hood insulation mat solution

    just bought a 2011 JSW tdi 6 speed, love it. the hood insulation mat was disintegrating and covering the engine in brown powder, so i took it off. anyone have any solutions other than just replacing it? factory item is expensive and appears to suck. i'm not opposed to insulating the hood, just...