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  1. jonferns

    FS: Luk DSG Flywheel (BRM), New in Box

    Bought this last year but wound up not needing it. Brand new in box, Luk DMF092, OEM PN 03G105266CG. Direct replacement for mk5 BRM, or New beetle BEW. Asking for $320 plus actual shipping. If interested, PM me with your zip code and I will give you a total with shipping included
  2. jonferns

    Looking for a mk4 (within a few hours of NJ)

    Hi All, I am currently searching for a clean mk4 TDI. My last mk4 was totaled by a distracted driver, and I haven't been entirely happy with the mk6 and mk7 that have replaced it in the interim. Preferably 2003-2006, Golf, Jetta or Jetta wagon (my preference is always a wagon!) - must be manual...
  3. jonferns

    Front Crank Seal Leak, Covered Under Warranty?

    Hi all, just over 90k and I noticed a small oil leak from my front crank seal (timing belt side). Seems to be a slow leak, no dripping/oil spotting under the car but it soaks into the insulated oil pan cover. Does anyone know if this seal would be covered under the extended emissions warranty...
  4. jonferns

    FS: MK7 Golf Torklift Ecohitch, 2"

    Hi all, I bought this new last year, installed it on my Golf and only used it once to carry a bike rack. Selling this because I do not use it. I can take some photos later today; it is still installed so you can get an idea how it looks. I am located in NJ and can meet up in the tri-state area...
  5. jonferns

    Feeler: '06 Jetta TDI, DSG

    '06 Jetta TDI DSG, ~150k miles, dark blue. Purchased around 120k miles, previous owner had it serviced at VW dealers almost exclusively (per carfax). -Package 2 with light-gray leather, multi-function steering wheel. Full-electric drivers seat, heated seats. Dual zone climatronic. -RCD510...
  6. jonferns

    BRM exhaust odor in cabin, can't figure it out

    I have been chasing an exhaust odor in the cabin for a while now. At city or highway speeds, windows cannot even be slightly open as there is a strong exhaust odor enters the car. Also getting an exhaust smell with the AC on (seems recirc on/off doesn't make much of a difference), but not as bad...
  7. jonferns

    FS: MK7 Euro Headlight Switch, OEM

    Selling a european headlight switch for a MK7 Golf/GSW/GTI. This is an OEM VW switch, which also has the AUTO headlight function if your car is equipped with that option, but will also work in cars without that function. Asking $45 shipped :)
  8. jonferns

    FS: Kerma Q-loader, unlocked

    FS: Kerma Q-Pro, unlocked Have a Kerma Q-Pro tune loader for sale. Had a Kerma tune on my JSW (lots of power and awesome fuel economy), but sold my JSW back to VW so no longer need this. Flashed the car back to stock so the Q-Pro is unlocked. You will need to purchase a tune from Kerma to use...
  9. jonferns

    WTB: MK7 Frostheater

    Looking for a Frostheater for a MK6 Golf/GSW. I know they're available new, but if you've got one sitting around that you won't be using, or one that was removed from a car that's going back to VW, I'm interested!
  10. jonferns

    FS: Buyback, JSW/MK6 parts. 2micron, dieselgeek, etc

    Hey all, buyback is coming up so some parts are coming off. Located in Northern NJ. Can figure out shipping for most parts (not skidplate). 2micron Pureflow and Containflow kits. Used for about 15k miles. Cheap insurance for your fuel system in the event of a HPFP failure. You will need to...
  11. jonferns

    FS: Hotchkis Rear Sway Bar MK5/MK6, New in Box

    Selling a brand-new-in-box Hotchkis 22833R 27mm rear sway bar for MK5/MK6 Golf/Jetta/JSW. Here is a link to the product page: Looking for $215 shipped, OBO
  12. jonferns

    FS: Koni Yellows for MK5/MK6

    Selling a gently used set of Koni Yellows, fits MK5/MK6. These were on a JSW for 15k miles before being sold back to VW. These are adjustable, front and rear. They're in good shape, some small areas of paint chipping from use. Was going to use these on my car but I don't need them just yet, and...
  13. jonferns

    WTT: Interior parts from anyone turning-in 09-10 Jetta

    WTT: 09+ tail lights Edit: No longer need interior parts. Still looking for tail lights I have an '06 Jetta with the lighter colored red tail lights. I would like to trade + cash on top with someone who is selling their 09+ Jetta back to VW (these have the darker cherry red tail lights. Thanks!
  14. jonferns

    VW Atlas Sighting

    Spotted this driving around northern NJ last week. No badges, so not sure what type of engine it had. Saw a euro B7 Passat TDI 4mo wagon in this same area a few weeks ago, with MFG plates. :cool:
  15. jonferns

    JSW Mod Part-out

    No longer for sale, please delete
  16. jonferns

    FS: Kerma CR Tune & Q-loader

    I've had this tune loaded for the past 15k miles and it has been AWESOME. Car is going away, so looking to pass this on to someone else who can enjoy it. Perfect for an otherwise stock car. Tuner is unlocked (car flashed back to stock). Buyer is responsible for contacting tuner to verify...
  17. jonferns

    FS: 2micron Filter Kits for CR

    Up to sale is the 2micron filter kit setup. Includes both kits, contain flow and pure flow. Complete kit has less than 10k miles on it. Optional filter gauge included. These kits aren't currently being produced any more and are tough to find. Definitely a necessity if you plan on keeping your...
  18. jonferns

    Bear Mountain, NY GTG

    Would like to do a Bear Mountain drive/GTG in the coming weeks. It's beautiful up there this time of year. Could do Saturday Nov 12 (maybe short notice), or the weekend of the 19-20?
  19. jonferns

    WTB: Sportwagen Sliding Trunk Cover

    Looking for a black sliding trunk cover for a Sportwagen. Mine came without one, and with many people turning theirs in, this might be the chance to pick one up. Let me know what you have. Thanks!!
  20. jonferns

    WTB: 2microntech CR Filter Kit

    Looking for a 2microntech filter kit (both pure flow & contain flow). PM me if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks!