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    HID headlights

    Any reliable vendors converting factory US headlights to HID? I'm not having much luck with Midwest Light.
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    WTB manual swap parts Michigan

    Seems like these things have dried up... Anyone within 4 hours of the Detroit area have the parts needed to do the auto to manual swap? thanks, Matt
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    FS Cover King custom cover MK4 Jetta

    I bought this about three years ago and then sold my Jetta. It was pretty expensive - around $230-250. CoverKing stormproof blue. How does $80 sound?
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    PD engine for CJ5 + PTO generator

    Hi all, I l’m thinking about transplanting a BEW engine into my old CJ5 Jeep. I know this has been done before but I’m wondering if it’s possible to govern the engine to a set speed and maintain it via closed loop control? I’m interested in the possibility of using the jeep’s rear PTO to...
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    2002 Jetta TDI, 6 speed DRW, 199,XXX

    Whitbread Performance Innovations handled the six speed conversion from auto as well as custom FMIC. Engine rebuilt at 135K by Kalvinator racing engines (5/11) - torque plate, blueprinting, balancing, etc. .5mm oversize ASV pistons and Integrated Engineering H beam rods, Colt Cams stage 2...
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    FS 2002 Jetta TDI 6 speed manual great condition

    I purchased this car in early 2007 in Corpus Christi, Texas. At the time, it had 103K. It now has 198K. The car has no corrosion issues because it has never been driven during the salty winter months. I would put the car away before the first snow and drive my truck until spring. I have a...
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    19 psi boost sustained then limp - what gives?

    My car is a 2002 Jetta auto with the following modifications: OMI, port-matched intake, mildly polished bowls, larger injectors (sorry don't remember the specifics), chip upgrade from Kerma (again, I'm not sure of the specifics), EGR delete, 2.5" exhaust from the turbo back. The car would...
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    Remove cylinder head?

    Hi folks, First time poster here at TDI club. I'm doing the timing belt/intake cleaning ritual on a TDI that I just bought. Just wanted to get some opinions on removing the cylinder head in order to clean out the carbon from the EGR. I will be unplugging the EGR valve, removing the cooler...