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    2015 GOLF TDI GLS $9500 sold

    Car is sold. Car is located in Utah, so easily reached from the west coast. I bought this from GreenLanternTDI a couple months ago. Since then, my work came out with a new policy so I can work from home. My kid also came home from college with our third car. She will be at home for the next 9...
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    Fuse #7 keeps blowing and speedometer dies

    I am having an issue with my MK4. It mostly happens when the car is warm. The speedometer works until I switch the car into reverse and it blows the fuse. It doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, but after I drive it for a while. I’m trying to find the short but need some advice on where to...
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    RNS-510 w/ GPS antenna and radio code

    This is a great condition used VW RNS-510 Navigation. Part number is 3C0 035 684A. It comes with the security code, a GPS antenna, and Video in Motion installed. Navigation features: - High Resolution touch screen color display
- 30 GB builtin hard drive (10GB is reserved for Map data and 20GB...
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    MK4 parts

    Off of my 02 ALH. I’m cleaning out the garage now that I have installed my VNT-17, IC pipes and bits. I have a stock intercooler with IC pipes, both upper and lower. I have a stock VNT-15 turbo with little to no shaft play, 165k miles on all of the above. Turbo is sold to (TDI-eyed) Stock...
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    FS: Frost Heater from MK6 Golf Manual

    FS Used for one year. Not very much use as my car was garaged. I kept everything including the clamps. From Frostheaters website it is model number: HTR16. $100 obo. Pics available.
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    Turbo recommendations needed

    As the title states, I am in the need of a recommendation for a turbo. My MK4 Golf has the stock vnt-15 and has almost 160K miles on it. I really want to take the next step and get more power. My car has some significant mods in preparation for the bigger turbo. I have the following mods...
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    Post your VCDS auto trans controller info.

    Now that some of you are getting the emissions fix done and are unhappy with the new transmission tuning, we need to see if we can get a transmission tune to get back what everyone lost. To do that, we need to get a database of what everyone has for the VAG Number and the Component. Please list...
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    MK4 Instrument cluster with silver

    I have an instrument cluster that came with my car when I bought it. The previous owner didn't like the newer style and put the old one back in. He did switch out the outer rings so this one looks slightly different. The part numbers are VW 1J5 920 906Q or VDO A2C53031729. $100 takes it.
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    Upgrading Head Unit coding problem in 2010 Golf w/ Dynaudio

    I have a 2010 Golf with the Dynaudio system. I wanted to upgrade the head unit and bluetooth module with a 2012 Jetta headunit that has the Fender system. The reason I wanted to upgrade the system was for the phone functions and the ability to skip tracks via bluetooth as well as the automatic...
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    2002 Monsoon Double DIN premium VI to aftermarket radio questions

    I am removing my Premium VI radio this weekend and installing a Pioneer CarPlay stereo. My car has the Monsoon amp. I have already prewired the speaker wires from the stereo harness to the metra adapter. I will source my switched power from the key-line in the column or the #30 pin in my...
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    WTB: MK4 glass channel

    I am needing to replace my shrunken glass channels on my MK4, 4 door. Mostly looking for the fronts. Does anyone have any that they are willing to part with that are still in good condition. The glass channel is shown here
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    Sell car to my wife and get more restitution?

    I have a TDI that is in my name only. I bought it before June 2016 and after September of 2015, therefore I am only eligible for about $3800 restitution. If I were to "sell" my car to my wife and have her sell or fix the car would I get more restitution? I bought a Jetta after June 2016 and...
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    My new to me ALH Golf

    Just got home from picking up a fellow member, alhutch's Golf. Here she is fully loaded and riding low Fully loaded on both sides and in back. And a testament to how much you can fit in MK4 Golf!
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    WTB: ALH Golf

    All, I am looking for a Golf with the ALH with less than 200K miles. I have missed mine ever since I sold it a few years back. I would prefer an 03 with the center cup holders and prefer a manual, but these are not necessary if the right car comes around. If it is an auto car, it needs to be...
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    Buy a Treg TDI now or wait?

    I am considering buying a Treg TDI and wanted your opinion. I was told by a VW dealer that they have to hold the Treg TDIs until after January 6th. What is happening on January 6th? I am thinking that there may be more Tregs after that if this is true. Plus, more Tregs should mean lower...
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    WTB 2011+ Touareg TDI

    I'm looking for a Touareg TDI, preferably blue with the executive package. Must be well maintained, a non-smoker, and have the tow package. No accidents too.
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    CR Buy back

    Anybody in Utah doing a buyback that has the RNS-510 with GPS unit? I have an older hardware version one that I would like to trade and get a newer version if possible.
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    CR turn ins: Trade my RNS-510 for your updated RNS-510

    This is for those who are trading in your CR TDI. I am keeping mine and would like to get an updated RNS-510 unit, hopefully with the option to put in a back up camera. I have an older RNS-510 gps unit that I would like to trade for it. This way your car would have the GPS unit in it when you...
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    CD/DVD player not working after RNS-510 retrofit

    I installed the RNS-510 from a 2010 JSW with navigation to my 2010 Golf. The JSW had an 3.5 mm aux input and my Golf has the MDI input cable. After the install of the 510 into my Golf, the DVD player does not work. It will read a CD but not a DVD that I had used in the same player in the JSW...
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    Golf Mk6 needed in Kent, WA are

    There are a few of us on here that want a euro style hitch and makes them for some models. However they do not have a Golf mk6 to use to mock a hitch up to. Would anyone out there be willing to let them use their car to make a hitch for us?