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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    Don't remember posting it here, but this is my 1984 CJ7 that I did an ALH swap into. Upgraded rods, .260 injectors, GTD1756VK, and Whitbread adapter. Fully built the engine myself (minus the head rebuild) and did the wiring harness. I'm building a hybrid PD150 (ARL) and ALH with a Landrover 300...
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    So I talked with them yesterday, and they said they provide the turbos for GotTuned and the injectors for Xman. Just wondering if anyone had any info on them.
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    GotTuned turbo and injector review?

    Any folks here in the US that have a turbo and injector setup from GotTuned? I'm looking to upgrade here in a bit, and weighing my options. Any reason not to go with them?
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    Buddy bent a valve, I have questions (how to time engine)

    So a buddy of mine ingested some carbon, and bent a valve. He took it to a machine shop and they verified the valve, and checked out the rest of the head, and it's all good. So with the head off, we need to time the crank, injection pump, and cam. I know with the cam, we have to have number...
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    WTB: Keystone mod

    I'm looking to purchase a mod for the injection pump. Is anyone selling one? Thanks in advance.
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    02J or 02J-B with the EUH engine code

    Looking at LSDs. I did a 5 speed swap from the auto with a used EUH transmission. Can I use that code to determine whether or not I have the 113 vs 114 ring gear? Thanks in advance.
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    LSD with big power in ALH, good or bad idea?

    Looking to get a Wavetrac LSD for my ALH. My goal is 200WHP and whatever torque that brings me, and currently I have 165-175 and a little over 300 with my current GT1752. My plan to is get bigger injectors and go with a GTD1752VRK, but seeing what some are saying it might not be a good idea to...
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    CV Boot change out question.

    Just noticed a tear in the passenger boot close to the transmission. I ordered the kit to replace it, but had one question. Do I need a press to remove the old flange or can I remove the clip and slide it off. I'm in Miami, so no rust concerns.
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    WTB: BHW crank and rods

    Please delete. NVM Please delete
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    Help and ALH newbie w/ question on the BHW

    So I'm reading that the best route for my MK4 is to go BHW/ALH hybrid. I'm down in Miami, and have a ton of pick-n-pull yards, plus the weather is nice. Can you please confirm some things for me? From what I've found it appears to come in the 2003-2005 Passat. Is this correct? How big of...
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    Maintain steering wheel controls on 2002 Jetta TDI GLS with new radio

    So I've having difficulties trying to figure out what exactly I need to maintain my steering wheel controls on my 02 TDI. On the right side of the steering wheel I have volume control and skip/seek buttons. What exactly do I need to keep these? Thanks
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    02 Jetta ALH Darkside FMIC kit installed

    So I finally had time to install the kit (thank you for not killing us Hurricane Dorian). The parts that are fabricated are done well, with nice welds. I'm not overly thrilled with the clamps they sent, and the one that goes from the turbo to the FMIC was not small enough, so I had to put on the...
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    WTB: Rear sway bar for 2002 Jetta Sedan

    Like the title says; looking for a rear sway bar. Let me know what you've got! Thanks.
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    Rear sway bar size choice: MK4

    I'm looking to add a rear sway bar to my MK4. I have a 23mm front that I plan to change the bushings out to poly. My suspension is new, but stock and I plan to keep it that way. I want to increase the handling of the car a little, but by no means do I plan to race it or go full crazy with it. I...
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    WTS: 2002 Jetta factory turbo and intake 168,XXX in Miami.

    I just installed a new turbo, injectors, intake and tune on my 2002 TDI so I'm looking to get rid of the factory setup. I would prefer not to ship and deal with that headache. There is no lateral shaft play in the turbo, I just upgraded the turbo, injectors, intake, and tune. $200 OBO. I'm...
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    Installed a Dieselgeek Sigma 5 shifter...AWESOME!

    I thought I had wasted my money ordering it when I was drunk, but BOY WAS I WRONG!! This thing is amazing! It was hard to take the counterweight off the transmission (trans came from Canada), but once it was on I was so impressed. I will echo what others have said that there is a more mechanical...
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    Going to be a very busy day: turbo, injectors, tune, gauge cluster, pd150.....

    Well I'm going to have a very busy day. Have a ton of parts I've been sitting on due to deployments, but going to get the majority of them done today. After the turbo, injectors, ECU, PD150, new glow plugs and harness, boost and egt gauges for today I have to eventually install my colt stage 2...
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    01315 on manual swap, way to disable codes?

    So I did a swap a few months back and just recently got a check engine light (unrelated glowplug #3, so ordered a new harness and 4 new plugs) and when I checked it I found the reason for the check engine light, but found two instances of the 01315 code as well. When I did the swap I used VCDS...
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    2002 Muffler-delete, what length pipe and size

    So I'm about to do a stage 4 on my TDI and want to delete the muffler. I've seen most people say is 2.25 and 3 feet long. Will this work? I have a welder, if I need to use it, but I'd rather it just slip on. Thanks in advance.
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    Advice needed: rebuild all suspension bushings/wearable

    My 2002 TDI has about 167,000 miles on it. I recently heard a clunking which I'm pretty sure is the rear axle bushing. While I'm at it, I might as well replace everything else while I'm back there. Since I'm doing a Stage 4 and have a cam waiting for install, I might as well upgrade everything...