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    My DREAM TDI 4x4

    I'm a fan of the Flyer (1.9l diesel), crawled under one and it had a muffler only.
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    How do you clean heater cores?

    You could try the citric acid powder flush, I got some at the local chain drug store. Here is a link the old Benz how-to:
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    Fuel cooler for upgraded ALH

    Those came stock on the PD and 11mm (auto) ALH. I installed one from a parts car on our ALH wagon. Might as well throw one on if you can find one, studs are there, bolts right up.
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    '13 NMS door lock issue

    The driver door lock on our car started cycling a lot at low speeds and blinking. We never checked whether the door actually locked. Mentioned it when we went if for the 23n5 a couple weeks ago and they identified a bad door lock, replaced under warranty.
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    Going if for 23N5, possible emissions flash yet?

    Got the 23n5 done today, dealer has no info on dieselgate fix.
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    Going if for 23N5, possible emissions flash yet?

    Our car is scheduled to go in for the 23N5 flash on Wednesday. Hopefully it's too soon but what are the chances of a flash to deal with the emissions issue being ready to install by then?
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    My new best 10.70@129.4 MPH

    Impressive. I like how the truck looks stock with no silly appearance mods too-- all business. Thanks for sharing!
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    Most miles between DEF refill?

    Reasons I waited: 1. Wanted to compare VCDS adblue % with actual. It showed 25% ~500 miles before the 1500 mile warning displayed. 2. With all the talk of DEF shelf life figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to turn over the fluid as much as possible versus continually diluting the fluid from...
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Available for retrofit in your current car but not cheap...
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    Most miles between DEF refill?

    Yes it started notifying at 1500 miles. When I added the fluid it was down to 900 miles. Just to be clear, 600 actual miles driven after 1500 displayed, it did not randomly lower the miles remaining.
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    Most miles between DEF refill?

    Adblue notification finally displayed at 22,200 miles. Added a kruze bottle but warning didn't reset until after I added an additional 2.5 gallons via the reusable kruze bottle...
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    OT: Looking to move, maybe to NC. Seeking input.

    I've lived in NW NC (5yrs), piedmont NC (8yrs). Utah (5mths), currently S. FL (10yrs), and other places. VeeDubTDI put it well regarding UT, Boise on the other hand... Florida is OK if you like the weather, we know several people who have lived in the keys and burned out on it after a few...
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    2 wheeled enthusiasts

    Whenever it's not raining I commute to work on my 08 Yamaha v-star 650. Bundling up today to ride it in on the coldest day of the year! Water pump is out in the truck...
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    powerstroke info

    It was mentioned earlier, but you have an OBS powerstroke, OBS stands for Old Body Style. The other, newer Ford truck with the 7.3l powerstroke is the Superduty. Keep those two categories in mind when looking for info because there are several differences and many similarities. Another forum...
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    AE - tire size and glow plug fault

    NP. Those autolites have a reputation for swelling and getting stuck which sometimes requires pulling the head. Good call on the motorcraft plugs.
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    AE - tire size and glow plug fault

    tire size howto is shown here:
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    powerstroke california emissions

    Check GPCM too if it is a late 99. If there is an intake air heater in the intake spider then it is L99.
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    TS Performance?

    Primarily for their hardware- the TS 6pos is very common but most run calibrations from other tuners besides TS on the chip.
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    DSG car stalling at slow speed

    Ok, we'll take it to the dealer and I'll post updates. Thanks