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    Changing Timing Belt: Loosening the High Pressure Fuel Pump Sprocket

    I am do the 130K service on my mk7 and need to change the timing belt. I have engine at TDC and have done the following: 1. Crankshaft locked 2. Cam shaft sprocket is locked and loosened allowing a bit of travel. Next, I need to loosen the HPFP sprocket. I am following the manual which states...
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    Timing Belt: Cam Sprocket Not Locked But at DTC

    Hello I am doing the timing belt on my mk7 CRUA. I watched a video where a guy changed the timing belt without loosening the camshaft sprocket and the HPF. He made it look so easy. :) I tried the same and could not get the new belt on. Reverting back to the manual which says to loosen the cam...