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    FS: RNS510-E Navigation unit and 9W7 bluetooth w/harness

    Hello All, I am trading in my beloved Golf R tomorrow and am planning on selling off some of its extra add-ons. Up for sale is one of my favorite additions to the car, the RNS-510. This is the larger screened, DVD playing high end model which includes Sirius Travel link (fuel prices, weather...
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    FS/FT: 2012 Jetta TDI Premium

    My girlfriend really loves her Jetta however she originally wanted to buy an A3 TDI. The price was a bit out of budget for new, so the Jetta fit well. We're looking to sell her 2012 Jetta TDI sedan or trade it for an 2010-2012 A3 TDI as their prices are reasonable now pre-owned. Details...
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    FS: Custom MK5/V TDI/GLI Grill set/fog lights

    Sad to say, but I have traded my beloved 2010 Jetta in for a 2013 Golf R. I returned my Jetta back to almost 100% stock prior to trading it in. I am looking to sell a few of the parts that are left over to someone who who will enjoy them. I'd like to see all of the grills as a set. These are...
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    Neuspeed Intake noise during DPF regeneration

    Not really a "power enhancement" post however I figure it fits best here. I have an aftermarket NeuSpeed intake on my 2010 Jetta TDI and noticed that the intake noise is much more pronounced while the car is going through a regeneration cycle. Attached is a short clip of the fun sounds...
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    Bluetooth streaming issue - RCD510/Apple iOS6 update

    After updating to iOS6, my girlfriends 2012 TDI SE can no longer control the bluetooth audio nor receive the artist/song information. It does play the audio but everything has to be controlled via the iPhone now. Tested with her iPhone 4 and my 4S (both on iOS6), no go. Everything works fine...
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    FS: MK5/MK6 Euro headlight switch

    I had to upgrade my switch to the one with the auto feature as I am adding auto headlights to my Jetta. There is nothing wrong with this switch at all. Has option for running lights, headlights, front fogs and rear fog. I bought it new from ECS Tuning as seen here...
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    AMD's 2010 TDI Sedan

    I figure rather then creating a new topic with new pictures/mods each time, I'd just start a "build" thread. I'll just update here as things are changed added. So anyway, this first post will be extra long as it contains all mods to date and they are as follows: Performance: AFE Cat-back...
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    New to the family!

    Crap pics for now but I had to share. I finally converted my girlfriend over to the dark side of VW/Diesel :). She traded in her 2010 Jeep Liberty sport 4x4 for a 2012 Jetta TDI DSG. A proper set of images soon to come. New and old: And with mine: I might be more excited then her! LOL...
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    Full MFD in MK6 TDI yet?

    Has anyone swapped in a full MFD cluster and full function steering wheel into a MK6 Jetta TDI yet? My girlfriend is picking one up this week and doesn't like it in comparison to my 2010's full MFD cluster. Thanks in advance guys! Nick
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    A few new ones

    Just a few more pics of my 2010:
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    2010 tdi

    Just wanted to share a pic I took today. Weather is finally coming around, got my new suspension and summer wheels back on so I took few pics today. This happened to be the only one I liked. Suspension needs to be lowered just a hair to be a bit closer to my liking. Anyway, comments welcomed.
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    MK6 Multi-function steering wheel

    Upgraded to paddle shifters on my TDI and am selling the stock one. Wheel is in near perfect condition with VERY little wear. No airbag or multi-function controller included, just wheel and switches. Upgrade you MK5 to the new look of the MK6 wheel. $175 OBO
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    Quick shoot of my 2010

    Got a chance to go out and take some decent photos of my car with the new catback installed today. Comments welcome :) Enjoy! 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
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    AFE exhaust installed: 2010 TDI Sedan

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a few pictures of my recently installed AFE cat-back exhaust system. I did it strictly for appearance, as I am aware that it does very little to nothing as far as performance/sound. It did save a bit of weight as it eliminated the rear muffler though. Either...
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    Pics of my car collection

    Two local photographers and I (also a "photographer") got together and shot all of my cars in one shoot and I thought I'd share with you guys. Hope you enjoy. One from a friend: Some of my photo's from the day: 6: 7:
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    New wheels for the TDI

    Hey guys, just wanted to share a few quick shots I took of the TDI with the new wheels. Car has to go down a little bit in the front and it'll be perfect (IMO). Wheels are Raderwerks MTEN85's 18" x 8" ET 42 and BFG KDW 215-40-18 tires. A proper photo shoot will follow when I have a...
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    Tint and wing addition :)

    Just wanted to share a few recent shots of my Jetta: Enjoy, Nick
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    AFE Cat-Back 09-10 Jetta TDI

    Anyone have one installed on their car? I can't find any videos on youtube of this system install on any cars. How's the fit and how's it sound? I can't seem to find any CR exhaust clips! Thanks, Nick
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    HowTo: OEM Bi-Xenon/OEM Fog Lights/CECM Upgrade/LED Euro Tails in a 2010 Jetta Sedan

    For those who may be interested in what is involved in upgrading their 2010 Jetta TDI Sedan (DSG in my case) to OEM Bi-Xenons, OEM Fog lights (controlled by the CECM), CECM Upgrade, and European Hella LED Tail lights with rear fog light this is my write up. Please let me know if you find...
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    2010 Jetta TDI Sedan with Bi-Xenons, Fogs and GLI Grills

    It was way too cold to take a ton of pics so here's just a few proper pictures of my car now that the front end is complete. You can see my custom painted GLI grill and TDI badge as well. 1080p version: 1080p version...