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    Service campaign notice

    I got a couple of postcards recently from my dealer about a service campaign on my VW. I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten them as well. The only open campaign on my VIN is for the glowplug update from 2011 which I know had an expiration date. I put in steel plugs with a RC tune, so my...
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    WTB: 09a Transmission

    I'm Located in Eastern Massachusetts. Unfortunately, It's definitely not the solenoids. Might be willing to drive to pick up, or have shipped. I haven't decided that I'm ready to retire this car, yet.
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    09a Axle flange shaft failure?

    I thought I was losing an axle for the second time in a year. My 04 Jetta completely stopped moving as my daughter was driving to school this morning. AS I was waiting for a tow, I took a look at it and saw that the axle wasn't rotating at all even though I could hear the transmission spinning...
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    Wanted BEW Auto drivers side (left) axle.

    Title says it all. looking for a drivers side VW axle for a 2004 Jetta Auto. Hopefully there is someone out there who has done a 5 spd conversion who still has their VW axles.
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    Suspension upgrade questions

    I've got a broken rear Koni orange on my 03 IBW TDI. Not warrantied since I just got this car from Ky last May. Its got yellows on the front and H & R lowering springs all around. I have the original springs, struts and shocks. It looks like they were swapped when the car was brand new. I...
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    Need gelp in Syracuse!

    Deleted. Received help in the 101 forum.
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    Need help in Syracuse!

    My daughter is at SU with a 2004 jetta tdi. Car was going into Limp mode followed by difficukt starts also had a Map code, over thanksgiving in Ma. I replaced the lower pancake pipe while she was home since it previously had a pipe without a clip on the intercoolerside and had a fraken...
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    Appropriate vanity plate

    I didn't have a chance to get a picture, but I saw a white Q7 TDI few days a go with a Massachusetts vanity plate number: RECALL :D
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    Would you could you in your Car? AMAZON BRAND OIL

    I suppose it was only a matter time. Back in July, Amazon quietly released an Amazonbasics line of synthetic motor oils including a 5W-40 suitable for both gas and heavy duty diesel engines. It comes with the newer CK4 approval. I would think it would be fine in an ALH (yes?) but at $22.50 a...
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    Bad cam or worse?

    05 Passat 271k miles. My wife and daughter have been driving this for the last 2000 miles or so. I haven't even heard it running in a couple of months. Yesterday, I take it out. Ac on high, radio was load, but within 100 yards I realized it sounds crappy. Here's a video. I'm not 100 % sure that...
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    2006 beetle Auto 129k Miles in RI

    Not Mine. Please contact the seller from the link: I just got an 03 wagon myself and and not yet ready to retire another of my TDIs.
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    Suspension Upgrade/Downgrade questions

    I finally made it to Kentucky this week to pick up my 2003 IBW with 146,000 miles. This VW has H&R lowering springs, and Koni red shocks (unknown adjustment setting). The highway ride was great but this setup is too low and too stiff for me due to Massachusetts roads and potholes. The current...
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    I put a Do Not Resuscitate order on my Golf

    After 7 years and 100,000 miles with me (278,000 total miles), I think I have to put a Do Not Resuscitate order on my 99.5 Golf. With, a bypassed, leaky heater core, very severe rear fender rust, and as of today, a head gasket leak, I don't see an economic reason to continue. I was doing some...
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    99.5 Golf Drivers seat not connected to front frame!

    The drivers seat on 99.5 Golf has become completely disconnected from the center rail that is mounted to the floor. Both the base and back will rock back to an almost reclining position. Is this something repairable, or should I be looking for a new to me junkyard seat? Currently I have the...
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    Failing starter

    I've been having some difficulty getting my engine to turn over in the cold temps here close to 0 F. I have a frost heater and if I plug it in for an hr, the car will start fine. It also starts fine if it has any amount of residual heat. When its Ice cold, it may only turn over for half a second...
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    Passat gets rear damage

    My daughter calls this morning to tell me that she was rear ended while merging from the highway to a secondary road. She sees little to no damage on the Passat and tells me that some stuff fell off the 1993 Vovlo that hit her. A few minutes later she calls to say other driver cant start his car...
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    Anyone use

    Has anyone used to purchase a car? I was looking at They are offering to get you a manual 1.4T Jetta (at least in Mass) for $5759 off sticker (discount includes a $1000 rebate) Your price: $13276. You pay them $199 but there is no charge if they can't make the...
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    Unusual Brake Pedal Noise

    The Brakes on my Passat work great but for a while I have had an intermittent noise that seems to be getting more common. Just before the car stops, and I believe as I am reducing pressure on the brake pedal, I hear what I can only describe as a "Boing" noise. At the same time, I feel a slight...
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    99 golf clutch noise

    I've noticed recently that when I step on the clutch pedal with the car in neutral, not moving, I can hear something spinning and a bit of a rattle. This happens with the pedal between about 10% and 80% in. I never noticed the rattle before and I am wondering if this could be a sign of...
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    BEW engine coolant flange

    This was a hard part number to track down, so I though I would post it here: Engine coolant head flange for BEW Automatic: 038121133j showed it on their website as an aftermarket part but they just called to tell me its no longer available, except through the dealer. Thy...