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  1. sullyTDI

    Passat Timing belt change 2012

    Hey, guys have not been around the forum in a while since getting rid of my TDI Beetle. I am looking at a 2012 Passat SEL 2 TDI. Has 113, 000 mile on it, and am trying to figure out if it worth it, to buy it that is and will need to about turn around and change the belt etc. asking price is...
  2. sullyTDI

    14' Jetta drivers side low beam out

    Have pulled the headlight pod check continuity with all the wires, check the harness plug for voltage, when lights on, there is no voltage at the low beam plug. I have to the best of my knowledge checked every fuse in the fuse block but don't know which ones are the one for the headlights, I...
  3. sullyTDI

    My 98' Beetle TDI

    Mods: Euro Switch Euro Rear Fog Fog Grill, Trim, and Lights TDI Embles (Sides) 1.9 TDI Rear Emblem (VW Spain) Side Repeater Lights Added Hood Strut Rear Spoiler Mufflerectomy Factory Wheels - from 2001 Beetle (No more hubcaps.....) 3/21/10 Maintenance: Complete Timing Belt,Water Pump, Serp...
  4. sullyTDI

    How to - Brake Booster Check Valve Repair

    Put together this how to for those who want to try it:
  5. sullyTDI

    Brake booster vacuum line connector

    Anyone know where i can find the vacuum connector which is in the middle of large vacuum line going from the vacuum pump to the brake booster/master cylinder, the one that has the nipple coming off of it going to the N75? world impex has the the whole hose and everything for $43, but don't...
  6. sullyTDI

    Turbo to intercooler pipe upgrade?

    I have a stock turbo first off. I was thinking of fabricating a new turbo to intercooler pipe for my new beetle. Any reason this would not be a good idea? Just wondering because of the taper in the stock pipe was because of the stock turbos size, to create back preasure or somthing. Any...
  7. sullyTDI

    PD lift pump in New Beetle????

    Would adding a PD lift pump to a 98' New Beetle 1- be possible 2- be of any benifit thanks
  8. sullyTDI

    Oil Consumption?

    Anybody ever seen a TDI suddenly start using oil? I have no leaks/drips, Changed the oil on Jan 29 added oil to middle of the marked range on the dipstick, (gallon +), When I drained it, noticed that I didn't get the gallon + out as usual. This morning, I noticed the engine sounded a...
  9. sullyTDI

    Clutch Release Lever Failure - Clutch/Shifting Problems Fixed

    Wanted to throw this out there for information. My 98 Beetle TDI Started having problems going into gear almost over night. (Original Clutch) Was like hard to go into first, and fifth where the worst others where hard to, reverse would grind. I knew from reading the forum posts, that the...
  10. sullyTDI

    5 Speed Man Trans Shifting issues 98 ALH

    98 New Beetle ALH 5 Speed Noticed clutch pedal changes, noticed fluid level was at min., so I bled the clutch to remove air, that helped the clutch, but shifting into 1rst is very difficult to impossible, once going, all gears are harder to shift into, 5th is very difficult to impossible also...
  11. sullyTDI

    Dumb Question about BioDiesel

    On biodiesel, the "B" number is like the cetain number? or is it something else. Basically you want to get the highest "B" number that is availible?
  12. sullyTDI

    Installed Sprint 520's

    I knew there would be a difference, but good googledy goo!:eek: :eek: :eek: Best $239 I have ever spent on a car. Only took me 2hrs to do it my self, and took my time.
  13. sullyTDI

    Won't start after new injectors

    98 new beetle tdi 1.9L ALH Just installed 520 injectors, and now it won't start. I made sure not to touch the new tips, cleaned cleaned cleaned, Have put mighty vac on fuel lines and pulled fuel.... HELP PLEASE
  14. sullyTDI

    New MAF Today

    Delete Sorry put in wrong place.
  15. sullyTDI

    Fuel Lines

    Hey I have searched this and called the steeler, $50 each. (looked at TDIParts, World Impex) I am looking for the fuel lines running from the top of the tank to the first connection (2ft long) (Not the vent). Any Ideas where I can get them.
  16. sullyTDI

    Found this today CRC LubriCure

    CRC LubriCure PDF Document Link to it on their site Click Here LubriCure TM Concentrated Lubricity Improver restores essential lubricity lost by the sulfu reductuon in ULSD Fuel and protects diesel fuel pumps and injectors from premature wear. Excellent SLBOCLE (ASTM D 6078) and HFRR (ASTM D...
  17. sullyTDI

    Fuel Filter Identification

    Ok, I have been searching, and went through a trouble shooting fuel issues thread and discovered while checking the recommended things in the thread that my fuel filter is different than eveyone elses. Below is a drawing of mine, there is no valve or micky mouse clip, just streight...