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  1. 01tdiJEtt

    Jumped Ship..

    Well I sold my TDI and got a 20th aniversary.... I know it seems like a bad move gas prices like they are... but its done now. Good thing the TDI is staying in the family! I sure will miss her. heres the new toy...
  2. 01tdiJEtt

    Emissions Test??

    I have straight pipes from the turbo back, (2.5in) no cat no resonator. Will i have any issue getting e-tested and passing? If so how can i avoid the problems if any arise... Please help.
  3. 01tdiJEtt

    BFI Transmissions?

    I was browsing the great world wide web and came across a couple of transmissions which seem to be pretty good. Price is reasonable for a new unit. Im currently preparing to do a swap from my blown auto to a manual setup so something new would be nice. Here's the link...
  4. 01tdiJEtt

    Auto Dead ...Time for a upgrade?

    So I brought my car in for a fluid change as it hasnt been done in 3 years and i get told that the tranny is on its last legs... Which i was suspecting since i put in PP502;s and got a Alligator tune. Occasionally revs would nearly redline and then suddenly drop. So i knew it would happen one...
  5. 01tdiJEtt

    Good Times

    This was my first time at TDIfest and have to say it was a great experience met lots of fellow TDIers and learned alot! even got tuned thats a bonus. unfortunatly missed the closing banquet can someone tell me who the winners of the show and shine were?
  6. 01tdiJEtt

    Tdi Fest?

    Not sure if this has been talked about in the convoy thread but, who would be interested in organizing a convoy from GTA to the fest? the drive would be more enjoible with more than one car!
  7. 01tdiJEtt

    Fluttering Sound?

    I am becoming very worried about a fluttering sound my engine makes when cruising and i rev it from 2500rpm on, the sound is just that a fluttering sound and only happens when i ush my car harder. i have only a DG race pipe and pp520s and its a auto 2001 jetta. anyone have a clue what could this...
  8. 01tdiJEtt

    130whp on a Auto?

    I am currently in the market for a chip upgrade to go along with my recently installed PP520 nozzles, my car is a auto, i want to get 130hp out of my car is this possible or am i thinking too high for a auto? I'm thinking of going with the Aligator tune. any advise or thoughts would be greatly...
  9. 01tdiJEtt

    Race Pipe and CEL

    I just got a Vag-com finally and i want to do something about the check engine light that occured when i installed the DG race pipe. is there something i can do to get rid of the CEL? if so what do i do i'm new to using a Vag-com. Thanks
  10. 01tdiJEtt

    TT fender vent

    It's been almost two months now and my TT inner fender vent (wheel well) is still still on the floor in my house! whats the best way to install this piece, i know it wont just fit in the factory location , should i be cutting the vent out and fastening it in somehow? or some other way ? someone...
  11. 01tdiJEtt

    Diesel Dump Valve

    I just came across this, Anyone know more aboput this ? any benefits? anyone have it on there car?
  12. 01tdiJEtt

    Help PP520's

    I just recieved PP520's on friday and am very excited to have them installed on my car! :D I read the how-to but frankly makes me very nervous in fears of something with fueling going wrong, i have done all work on my car to date ie springs,race pipe, strut bar and cosmetic things should i be...
  13. 01tdiJEtt

    OEM Skid break

    So there was recently the first snow/ice storm of the season occured in toronto. I commute to the city every day and my car is lowered. well long story short the piece of crap oem skid plate shattered due to having ice and snow built up on it. just thought i'd share this tragic story with all...
  14. 01tdiJEtt

    Power enhancements?

    I have been researching lately on what i can do to my TDI 90hp to make it a little quicker. from my understanding injector nozzles would be a good first mod or a chip. just thought i would ask what would be the best and most money friendly mod i could do, and where in cananda can i aquire the...