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  1. Rockwell

    1999 ALH accelerator pedal help

    I’m installing an AHU in a Toyota pickup using a ‘99 ALH harness/ECU. The only wiring I have left really is the accelerator pedal. I just realized the pedal I have is a part number for a gas Audi. What is the correct part number pedal I need? Also, the connector was cut off and I found a...
  2. Rockwell

    'Key in ignition' buzzer wiring

    Does anybody have the wiring diagram for that buzzer? I can't seem to find it my wiring diagrams. I'm swapping a AHU into my Toyota and want to replace the Toyota buzzer with the VW one.
  3. Rockwell

    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    Hey guys, thought I would start a build thread. Years ago I put a 1.6TD into a 2wd Toyota Pickup, it was a project to tinker with at the end of a failing marriage. A distraction. Things are much better now, I have a great girlfriend and work has been good. I have renewed motivation to build the...
  4. Rockwell

    FS: 17/22 turbo, 6744 miles

    I'm selling a 17/22 that I had on my 2003 Jetta for about 2 months, 6744 miles on it. The #3 piston ended up cracking and scoring the cylinder wall and I parted out the car. Tapped for EGT. $1000 shipped *it has the BEW smart actuator
  5. Rockwell

    Which nozzles for AHU

    I'm putting together an AHU to swap into my 2wd toyota pickup, trying to decide on which nozzle to go with. Here are some specs: -full electronic using 99.5 ECU and electronics -engine rebuilt using forged H beam rods, bottom otherwise stock. -Frank rebuilt head, ported and cam -tubular intake...
  6. Rockwell

    AHU engine overhaul PDF

    Is there an AHU overhaul procedure in PFD format on line somewhere? I am rebuilding the engine to put in a toyota. I'd get the Bentley manual if I owned the car. Thanks.
  7. Rockwell

    1999 TDI wiring PDF anybody?

    Looking for a PDF version of the 1999 TDI wiring diagram "from September 1998". I can't make a good photocopy of my Bentley manuel. Anybody have the PDF? TIA
  8. Rockwell

    AHU - MTDI or TDI

    Searched and have been reading all morning, not really finding answers. I have an '86 2wd Toyota pickup, kind of an ongoing project but I want to get it finished so I can finally get it on the road. It currently has an IDI 1.6TD and I have a AHU I want to swap in. I have all the electronics from...
  9. Rockwell

    TDI accelerator mounting

    Just wondering how easy mounting the VW electronic accelerator pedal was in your toyota conversions? I tried to eyeball it but just tell how it would fit. I looked around and there is a Saab one that looks like the VW sensor but it has a metal arm that could be bent and positioned to mimic the...
  10. Rockwell

    Components to remove from donor for conversion

    Besides the obvious under the hood stuff, what parts do I need to grab from a 2003 donor? This is for a swap into a toyota, not another VW, so I just need the items to run the engine stand-alone. Going to do the IMMO delete but otherwise keep all electronics, do I need to yank all the wiring...
  11. Rockwell

    WTB: ALH long block

    Looking for a good long block. Cracked a piston and pitted the cylinder wall. Just want something to swap out without needing overhaul. Would consider good bare block too.
  12. Rockwell

    ALH to AHU

    Blew a few pistons in my Jetta and was thinking of parting out the car. The plan was always to use that engine for a project, but I didnt expect it to happen for a few more years. Most likely candidate was a Jeep TJ but not sure if I want to invest in a clean TJ at the moment (not cheap) and I...
  13. Rockwell

    NH inspection - no muffler

    Just failed inspection due to no muffler, anyone know of a TDI friendly shop in Manchester that understands a muffler is not an emmission device?
  14. Rockwell

    TD toyota;topic=48503.0;attach=112798;image
  15. Rockwell

    $2500 Project Budget?

    Borrowing AndrewAugusts $1500 budget post idea, whats the best combo for $2500? Timing belt and clutch not included, different budget. Its an '03 Jetta with 169,000 miles, its my commuter and I put about 25,000 miles a year, mostly highway. I would like it to stay reliable and fun to drive.
  16. Rockwell

    timing belt

    New guy here. I just got a 2003 TDI (5-speed) after wanting one for years. It has 164,000 miles and I dont have any history on it. It runs great and drives suprisingly tight for the mileage. I am not sure when the timing belt was done, I peeked at it under the upper timing belt cover and at...