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  1. erykkuld

    Alignment needed if i replace rear shock absorbers and springs?

    Car didn't pass mot here in Norway, ive bought springs Sachs, and monroe shocks (same setup on the front) but im still afraid of what happend last time i was fiddling with the front suspension, that my alignment will be way off. Why i don't want to do an alignment is because i have done a...
  2. erykkuld

    PD115 AJM wish for more power

    Alright, gonna start off by saying been a while, haven't had the need to post in a while after i did the dumbest mistake of my life (undoing the cylinder head bolts instead of the cam cap bolts) Car got a new head from frank in the netherlands, and car is working like a gem. (new head, gaskets...
  3. erykkuld

    Grinding noise, mk4 golf 1.9 4motion

    Head swap went well, but new problems always arise. Here is the video of it: I just hope all of these problems i am having help someone in the future. Seems like something to do with wheels/suspension, simply by the fact that the noise...
  4. erykkuld

    I undid the head bolts instead of the camshaft bearing cap bolts

    I feel like i should share this, as in my previous thread about my tandem pump snapping i finally got all the parts, new TB kit, camshaft, tandem pump, lifters, bearings, new tty bolts for the cam caps, but i did the job yesturday, got the timing belt off locked with the tools, but now i kinda...
  5. erykkuld

    Injector/tandem pump blew up please help

    Tandem pump on my vw golf mk4 115pd blew up this morning, what should i do next? Here is a picture of the pump: Was going to drive to work today early, started the car, 2 mins of idle and then i hear a moderate loud thud, followed by a few more thuds a bit less noisy then the first time, then...
  6. erykkuld

    Hissing sound from under the engine while idle

    Car is a vw golf mk4 pd115 4motion So i have recently noticed a faint hissing/whistle sound after remap(i don't know if it happend right after the remap or a bit after, remapped the car about 3 weeks ago) Cant really pinpoint where it is coming from, but what i can say is that it is the...
  7. erykkuld

    mk4 ajm 1j1 golf cooler leak

    Hey fine people, have a slight problem of figuring something out here, my cooler leaked or had a sweat, so i changed both seals, and it's still leaking by the looks of it, here is a video: How to solve problem?
  8. erykkuld

    Going to change motor oil/filter, gearbox oil and haldex oil/filter

    So car wants it's service in 1300km, so i am prepping to get everything i need. I have been doing some research and to be completely honest i am getting nowwhere, so hoping that someone here can give me a clear and hopefull answear. I have a Golf mk4 115hp 4motion AJM/AUY engine code...
  9. erykkuld

    Vw tdi airbag light (no mot because of this in Norway)

    Vw touran airbag light on. Plugged car in with vcds and it spit out fault code 01218 and 01228 01218 is supposedly a easy fix with some connector might getting loose, and 01228 is the cut off switch for the passanger airbag, what can be wrong with a switch? I mean either it's on (shorted) or off...
  10. erykkuld

    Chip tuning my vw golf mk4 1.9l tdi 4motion

    Hey fine people! Hope everyones weekend is going well with no oil leaks. Anyway after having my car for nearly 6 months in working order except a snapped glow plug, which isn't leaking compression 🥴 I would like to give my car a little boost of some sort, and i keep ending up with getting a...
  11. erykkuld

    Glowplug rounded

    Glowplug in my tdi 1.9l is spinning in the engine block, what can i do now?
  12. erykkuld

    Uneven/fast tire wear

    I have a Volkswagen golf 4 2000 1.9 tdi, which i bought with a broken spring and some bad bearings on the control arm, so i had these replaced and ever since that replacement my old set of front tires have worn out, most on the side where the rim is, and now it is happening again with new set of...
  13. erykkuld

    I have a question about shock absorber/struts

    Hey Tdi club people! Noob here, bought myself a Vw golf 4 2000 1.9L 115hp AJM 4motion with 185k km on the clock. Have done some small fixes but the car is overall in pristine condition, except my lining of the wheels after i changed out the track control arm balljoint, bushings and springs at...