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  1. krook

    AFN overboost

    Hey guys, hope you are doing well. There is a slight problem with my car, there is no fault code or any symptom really, but it's been bogging my mind for a while now. The car is a stock 110HP 1.9 TDI AFN Audi A4 B5, the turbo's recently been rebuilt. However, I noticed a slight overboost in...
  2. krook

    What happened to my AFN 1.9TDI?

    Hey! I have recently bought a 1997 Audi A4B5 with an AFN engine. When I bought the car, the turbo was not working, and it was getting limp-mode fairly often so I tried everything I could find on this forum, and finally traced it back to a broken vacuum line. After I replaced it, the turbo...