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  1. Dooby6

    The end of an era

    My car is 2010 & the rear axel is starting to rust pretty bad, I serviced it last march & painted the rear axel with the used oil removed from the engine, synthetic oil has good anti corrosion properties & doesn't break down very fast. I serviced my car again today & went to top up my axel...
  2. Dooby6

    ///// What are your MPGs WITH Performance Mods .... IF driving conservatively ? /////

    2010 skoda octavia 1.9 Pd105, stage 1 remap with dyno =151.8bhp, 349nm, 225/45 r17 tires, 5 speed manual gearbox.. 4.1ltrs/100km or 57 us/mpg conservative, currently on 308,000km, remap at 240,000km
  3. Dooby6

    Diesel Generator for the end of the world

    All mechanical straight 6 diesel would be best bet for end of the world applications, bulletproof 😉