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  1. milktree

    Rear wiper frequency/interval change with VCDS

    I have a ’15 SEL wagon. I believe there's a way to change the wiper interval for the rear wiper from its default (7 seconds?) to anything I want. I found instructions that looked like they should work... but don’t. control unit: 09 Central Electrics 16 Security Access: security code...
  2. milktree


    .... values, that is. Doing suspension work. There's one bolt that everyone says "dude, you gotta replace that": the strut pinch bolt. So that's a no brainer. But there's a bunch of bolts that A) VW says you should replace (but nobody does) and II) have a torque spec. that includes...
  3. milktree

    "while you're in there..." suspension bits..

    Is there list of stuff you should replace when doing suspension work? I'm about to swap out struts/springs. On the Mk-IV it was recommended you swap out the strut's upper mount/bushing at the same time, as they tend to get soft/squishy. when I did the shocks on my '04 Wagon I replaced the...
  4. milktree

    Soooper sensitive passenger occupancy sensor

    The passenger occupancy sensor in my '15 SEL is sometimes crazy sensitive. For instance, sometimes simply hovering my hand over the seat, without touching it, will trick the car into thinking there's someone sitting there. Other times I can put a laptop and my phone (while charging!) on...
  5. milktree

    DEF heater failure?

    I was driving to work yesterday and made a stop. When I restarted (or shortly after) the check engine light came on. I pulled over and did a scan (tool and laptop were in the car!) This seems "bad". :( Monday,22,June,2020,14:03:44:55506 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
  6. milktree

    VCDS: is it my car, or the dongle?

    (Sorry about the huge images...) Is this a problem with my car, or the dongle? When doing the port test I get this: The auto scan sometimes works fine, and sometimes I get this: How can any modern car *not* be ODB-II compatible? This is using VCDS's "ODB-II functions",
  7. milktree

    VCDS: is it my car, or the dongle?

    If I could delete this post, I would! Deleted because the images were all screwed up and I somehow managed to double post rather than editing. Bah!
  8. milktree

    AC using 3mpg!

    ... at least according to the "Convenience consumer" display. With the AC on, the display reports ~ 1/16 gal/hour consumption. With the AC off, it reports zero. Fan speed doesn't seem to matter very much. OK, so $MATH! If I'm driving at 60mph, and I'm getting 50mpg (I think this is...
  9. milktree

    '15 Mk-7 sportwagen trunk trim removal

    Are there any instructions available on the web to remove the side trim from the trunk of a '15 Mk-7 Golf Sportwagen? I mean the trim between the bed and the rear window, between the tailgate and the back seats. By "trunk", I mean the space behind the rear seats of a sportwagen, the cargo...
  10. milktree

    Fuse values...

    Is there somewhere I can look up the correct values of fuses? I bought my Sportwagen used so I don't know what shenanigans the previous owner(s) or VW did before I bought it. The fuse for the cigar lighters/power points is a 30A fuse in my car. Based on pictures on the 'net, I suspect...
  11. milktree

    BEW/PD engine tech porn

    VW Design and function “Self-Study Program” book. It's a link to a PDF of the whole book. It's filled with techno-wizardry.
  12. milktree

    Torklift hitch install problems:

    I bought a Torklift "EcoHitch" for my '15 sportwagen, I got the 2" receiver version. I went to install it today and found it doesn't fit... mostly. The holes all line up, but the mounting plates are too tall, so it overlaps the rolled lip on the crossmember mounting plate on the car...
  13. milktree

    MFD reports "SAFE" where trip ODO is

    What does “SAFE” mean here? It showed once and went away. Everything seems to work correctly. The only reference to “SAFE” in the owner’s manual that isn’t “park in a safe place” is related to the radio’s security/anti-theft stuff.
  14. milktree

    failing fuel pump?

    I think I have a failing fuel pump, but I'm not 100% sure. Clues/symptoms/info: - 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI, ≈73k miles - Sounds like a computer CPU or power supply fan with failing bearings. - The sound comes from somewhere behind the front passenger seat, maybe under the back passenger...
  15. milktree

    ECU MPG trim? (car lies!)

    I have a new to me '15 Golf TDI. It claims to report the instant, since start, since fuel, and extended period fuel economy. But it lies, by a lot. For instance, on my last fill it reported 49.4mpg, but the actual "miles driven divided by fuel used" method was 46.7mpg. Yes, I know you...
  16. milktree

    2004 Jetta Wagon 5-speed (Boston)

    2004 VW TDI Jetta GLS Wagon 245,000 miles (ish) SOLD! 5 speed manual transmission Outside: Inside: Ignore the mileage, that's when I changed the LEDs More pictures here: (if they're not working) GLS means you get a moonroof and...
  17. milktree

    WTS: nearly new MK-VI floormats (carpet)

    $50 (plus shipping, if applicable) Located in NE Mass. I'll meet you somewhere not too far from me. Genuine OEM carpeted floormats. They came out of a 2013 Golf TDI with fewer than 11k miles on it, and they were covered by rubber all-weather mats from the dealer. I believe these...
  18. milktree

    '13 Golf vs '11 sportwagon suspension interchaneablity

    My wife's '11 sportwagon (2.5l gas) just broke one of its front springs: It's he bottom of the spring where it reduces radius to meet the perch, so I really don't want to ignore this. Now, I'm about to turn in (in a couple weeks) a '13 Golf TDI for the buyback. It's a lower trim level, no...
  19. milktree

    MAF (G70) P0101 - 000 - Implausible Signal

    The other day my check engine light came on, and this is what VAG-COMM reported: Chassis Type: 1J (9M - VW Jetta IV (1998 > 2014)) Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 22 29 35 36 37 39 46 47 55 56 57 75 76 VIN: WVWSR61J14W0xxxxx Mileage: 365850km-227328miles...
  20. milktree

    Which glow plugs?

    I just got a glow plug failure: 1 Fault Found: 17058 - Cylinder 4 Glow Plug Circuit (Q13) P0674 - 000 - Electrical Fault That's not the interesting part. When I got my Jetta in '11, I took it to the VW dealer to get any/all updates it needed. They replaced the glow plugs with a different...