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    EA288 engine chirping?

    Anyone dealt with a 'chirping' engine sound on their EA288? Our new to us '15 NBC, 39k miles, has been at the dealer for 3 weeks now. They initially diagnosed the alternator pulley. Well that only comes with the whole alternator now, so it was a slow truck from NJ to California to get it. I...
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    CVCA timing belts? (chirp, chirp?)

    Hello all, Anyone have a CVCA with a 'chirping' timing belt? Have had our '15 TDI at the dealers for 3 weeks now. Mostly because they initially diagnosed the 'chirp' as a bad alternator pulley, and it took nearly 3 weeks for them to get another one. Surprise, surprise, found out today that...
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    Anyone looking for a Beetle TDI Convertible?

    Just came across this dealer posting for a '13 with DSG for $8999. in Birmingham, AL I have no affliation, just would love to see more TDI Club activity with the newest model I...
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    2013 Beetle Convertible TDI DSG(not mine),62k, $8999 Birmingham,AL

    I have no affiliation with the dealer or car, no knowledge of dealer rep. I just saw this one come up well underpriced for mileage/condition. These are a rare find, but on the flip side I know my '15 with 32k miles went unsold on a dealer's lot for nearly a year so maybe this pricing is for...
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    New TDI, time to sell '03 New Beetle 5speed. and '94 Audi Cabriolet

    Wow that title was hard to write! This is just a 'heads-up' post if anyone's in the market. Haven't quite got all the details together, and still have to truly convince the wife to let go. We picked up an EA288-engined Beetle Convertible last week with DSG. As much as my wife and I love the...
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    Baumeisters' Black '15 Beetle Convertible TDI

    Quite slow in here, so I'll share the news that we've added to our TDI stable. Finally pulled the trigger on a Black TDI Beetle Convertible DSG, 32,500 miles, CPO status that's been sitting at a dealer for nearly a year, and going through auction, etc for a year before that. Combination of...
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    Coolant Thermostat and A/C cycling

    For the past few months, our 2003 New Beetle TDI's A/C has been cycling off. I WAS thinking that the compressor clutch is failing after 140k miles. 2 weeks ago, the red "temp" warning started flashing after 20 minutes or so of driving, turning on the heat full blast kills the light.
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    Baumeister's 2003 Sundown Orange New Beetle GLS TDI

    I finally sorted some old pictures out, so I decided it was way past time for our TDI to have its own thread. We bought our 2003 Sundown Orange New Beetle GLS TDI from Dirito Brothers, Walnut Creek, CA in December,2002 to commemorate Lisa's graduation from RN school. I mostly dealt over the...
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    CL find: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta EcoDiesel 5 speed - $3000

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    WTB: NB Fuel Filter (CAT or other upgrade)

    Looking for a fuel filter upgrade for my 2003 New Beetle. CAT, Nicktane or other solutions welcome. Thanks! Erick
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    Anyone know what this steering wheel PN looks like?

    Can anyone help get more detail on the New Beetle steering wheel that is currently on Marked down from $850 to 110 :) I have the basic stock steering wheel now, I've been unable to find a picture of this one, curious what it looks like...
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    About to pull the trigger on a order

    I'm about to order a seat heater harness from As shipping is a big expense, I thought I'd check here to see if anyone wanted anything to share the cost and get a better deal...looks like it's 59 euros for anything from 1-6 small items(that I checked..) about $80. So my...
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    Chrevron Techron D NorCal availability?

    All, I've recently noticed that my local Sacramento-area Chevron stations no longer have Techron-D signage and have reverted to the "Diesel No.2" labeling. Anyone know the details of Diesel with Techron-D being pulled from the market? Is it available elsewhere? Thanks,
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    WTB: ALH EGR Valve(or just intact Anti-Shudder Valve)

    WTB: ALH EGR Valve(or just an intact Anti-Shudder Valve) I'm actually just looking for an intact stock anti-shudder valve. Thanks!
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    Ramos Oil B99 winter use experience?

    Since May, We've been using Ramos Oil Company's (West Sacramento) B99 almost exclusively in our 2003 NB with excellent results. With winter coming on, I'm just wondering what folks experience has been with the gel point of this particular fuel is, what additives or blends are safe at what...
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    Goodbye VW of Auburn, CA (formerly Crossroads VW)

    Got a postcard that they have a name change (don't have it on hand) and "by mutual agreement with VWOA will not be selling any new vehicles at this location". Also that they're retaining parts & service staff and will be selling pre-owned VWs and other European cars. I had already started...
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    Interest for TB GTG in Sacramento/Roseville area?

    EDIT: It's on! Dates: November 8th-9, 2008 Location: West Sacramento It's getting about time to think about a new timing belt for our 2003 NB. It's at 91k now so I'm wondering if there's interest in a Sacramento/Roseville/Reno GTG sometime this fall? We're in Auburn and could possibly host...