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    GURUS: Help needed in 99.5 no start

    I sold my car a few months ago and the new owner is having an issue with it. He drive it to work one day and it was fine. Shut it off and went to work. When he came out, it was blowing copious amounts of white smoke from the tailpipe as he was cranking but no start. He towed it back to his...
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    (4) Avus 15" wheels with tires for sale

    I just got 17s for my Golf so I am selling the factory rims. These are 5x100 bolt pattern and not in terrible shape. They do have some scuffs and dings in a few places but I think that is to be expected. They come with BFGoodrich Advantage TA tires mounted on them. The tires have some tread left...
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    Cummins 4bt Engines w/ transmissions - $3500

    I know these are not VW engines, but they are still turbocharged and direct injected and I figured someone on here would still appreciate the opportunity to get ahold of one. Just as the title says; I have a couple of Cummins 4bt engines with transmissions for sale. These are 3.9l 4 cylinder...
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    13OCT12 - Smokin up the Valley 2012 Sweetwater, TN

    More info here I am not affiliated with this event so please direct questions and the like to the proper channels. This event benefits Childrens Hospital and is put on by Diesel Den in Sweetwater, TN. TDIs are not only welcomed but encouraged to attend. There will be a dyno available for $75 so...
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    WTB: Grey MK4 4DR Door Card Set

    Just what the title says; I am in need of some door cards, in GOOD condition. If you have some from a grey sport cloth GLI... even better! I was in contact with one member who was going to sell me his but has disappeared *twice* now. And I saw a thread where someone was breaking 5 cars and had a...
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    cam wear

    Please, take a look and tell me what y'all think. This is not a stock cam and has <800 miles on it. Is it breaking in correctly?
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    My ALH Upgrades = Your Spare Parts

    Greetings all! It is time to let go of all the extra parts that I have been hoarding! Check back from time to time as this thread will update when I find more parts in my garage and storage locker (I've been modding for a while :D) I'm going to try to make this easy by including shipping in all...
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    Camshaft, Studs and Rods

    I apologize in advance for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked many times before, but I cannot seem to locate the answers. Maybe someone could write up a sticky FAQ on this so as to eliminate redundant question asking. At what point are head studs and h beam rods necessary, if at...
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    Knoxville TDI owners

    I see a lot of TDIs around Knoxville and points west (I live in Farragut area) but I don't know who you are. My name is Brian and I moved from Pittsburgh (go Steelers) in spring of 2010. I am an audio engineer and love to wrench on my Golf. Let me know who you are and what you drive.
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    Stuttering with new nozzles

    Please help! I recently performed a nozzle swap. I went from stock to Sprint520s. I have tons more power in doing so especially since the originals had over 200k miles on them. However, when I come to a stop, my engine shudders until I blip the throttle. After that, it smoothes out and returns...