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    2015 Passat TDI brake/clutch replace

    Anyone done this. Did it many times on my 04 jetta tdi. Heard the clutch port was different, plastic part. Anything I need to know before I do this. Any pictures or videos done. Did not see anything on searches and internet. thanks coulee
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    MN or WI B99/B100 Locations

    Laptop not working, trying to find on my phone. I heard available in Madison area, anywhere in Minnesota. I'm only an hour away from Twin Cities in Wisconsin. Much closer. Prefer using Bio for lubricity. Supplier in Cumberland/Duluth shut down couple of years ago. Thanks Coulee
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    2015 passat tdi engine question

    Was adding windshield washer fluid, checking oil on car. Noticed in the back left corner of the engine a "bunch of white crud encircling" a pipe there. I carefully broke it off in chunks and cleaned up. The part is black, which connects to a silver colored part, there are two small pipes...
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    All Season Tires for Winter Land

    Bought my 2015 passat se tdi a year ago this month, DEC 2018. Love the car, nice upgrade from my 2003 Jetta TDI GL and easier to get in and out of before, during after my knee replacement. My gripe I didn't drive much last year after the accident with my Miata and tanker semi. These...
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    Passat Headlights

    Bought this 2015 Passat TDI SE, 6 sp manual almost a year ago. So far a great running car, and really like the ride over my 2003 Jetta tdi I had for 15 years. Headlights are bit dim, I see people talking about Osram (which I like and use on all vehicles as replacements), Silver Star and...
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    Fuel Filler Tube Nozzle Adapter

    If you remove the filler tube nozzle adapter, how much more diesel can you put in the tank vs. having it in. I've had my 2015 passat tdi in twice for warranty issues, minor issues, but they must check to see if it has been removed or not, service guy mentioned it. I'm thinking when my CPO...
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    Alternator bearing Tool

    I sold my 2003 Jetta TDI last year, bought a 2015 Passat TDI SE. I have some tools and not sure if they will work on passat or not. One item is the alternator bearing removal tool. Does anyone know if this works on the passat or not. If not, I'll be selling or giving away to someone who can...
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    Fog Lights for 2015 Passat SE TDI

    Has anyone added fog lights to the above model. I see some expensive options via dealer. Looking for any other possibilities and your experience installing and functionality. couleetdi
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    2015 Passat SE

    How to reset Route and other options in convenience menu? Stumped. Followed directions, for ie Route, but does not reset to zero, same with secondary trip, primary trip works using small reset button ok, Can't be that difficult. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? ty
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual test drive

    :confused:Nice test drive today. Sure different than a Jetta. salesman said pull into gas station, I'll add fuel, it's low and with cold weather coming in MN, need to add some. He had a heck of a time getting smaller nozzle into the filler tube. I asked him, how are you supposed to add...
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual shifting

    I am finally able to go test drive a car to replace my Miata which was totaled 3 months ago. Back and knees coming along slowly but I'm functional and wife too. In town driving, like 35 mph what gear you running 3rd or 4th In town driving 45 mph. what gear you running 4th On 55 mph roads...
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    '03 Jetta tdi Sedan muffler issue

    Muffler is shot, falling apart, wired up for now, as hanger is gone too Wisconsin winter weather and salt over time. Does any vendor make a pipe to replace from intermediate pipe out back where muffler is? I think the piece before the muffler is an intermediate pipe. or you folks...
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    What Year Model to Buy TDI Passat or JEtta

    I would appreciate all advice and experience on which year and model I might buy, Passat or Jetta TDI. Presently driving '03 Jetta GL since it was new.I know the Passat is a bit larger, rides a bit better than the Jetta's. I finally recieved my check for my totaled Mazda Miata. It was my...
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    Back to driving '03 TDI Jetta again

    We took my Mazda Miata to Colorado on vacation early Sept. had a great time driving in the mountains. Plenty of power on those mountain roads and just a thrill to drive there. on the way home on I-80, we were rear ended by a semi tractor tanker. Totalled the Miata, my knees are pretty well...
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    2003 Jetta TDI Manual A/C Not working

    A/C unit blowing warm air, no cooling whatsoever. My son was driving me to Dr. office when it happened. I was reading last night everything I could to find solution, including my Bentley manual. Here is what I've found so far with great difficulty. I have hairline fracture in right leg...
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    06 Jetta TDI Door Locks No Lock

    I can't find a post about fixing this None of the doors will lock using fob or key in door. I saw it awhile back when browsing but forgot to bookmark it. A bit of knee surgery at the time, It was something about reprogramming but duh, can't remember too long ago. If anyone can suggest a...
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    Ross-Tech Guru's Ideas

    2003 VW Jetta TDI GL Manual 160k miles Been doing some reading on howto's but not finding what I want or missed something. I had a cable about 5 years ago or so, was great. Was at a GTG and someone borrowed it, never got it back. Due to some big medical expenses for wife, finally was able to...
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    Exhaust Suppliers Suggestion

    My pipe just after CAT is shot. Rusted out. Temp fix last year, but need to replace exhaust System soon. Spec's: 2003 VW Jetta TDI manual Looking for turbo back exhaust, no CAT, but muffler so not so loud. Not stainless steel, too expensive for me. I ca buy parts and pieces, would like...
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    2003 Jetta TDI Poor Mileage

    Like others experiencing a similar problem, this is kicking my butt. I spent most of today, validating, check everything i could to figure this out. Will detail below, maybe I missed something. This is difficult at best for me due to blurry vision from Shingles virus in my eyes three years...
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    For Sale New Maint Items Not Used

    :)Items are for a 2003 VW Jetta TDI, but will fit all 1999.5 to 2003 and I think 2004 VW TDI's. Timing belt done, and items ordered I did not need. I have a vision problem, so was not sure until we did this. Anyone interested in preferably all the parts, let me know what it's worth to...