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  1. rotarykid

    proud new owner of a one owner 04 Passat TDI

    picked up a one owner 04 Passat GLS TDI-PD, that I have been part of its life since it was purchased new in colorado in July 04..... I have a few questions about what I should do, the best way to do a few things first before I clock a lot of miles??? It has had 505.01 oil in it since day/mile...
  2. rotarykid

    what is a good cheap obd-II dongle to use to monitor engine functions in real time?

    I have a question about good cheap wireless obd-II dongles,......these things have gone from just a few years ago going for ~$100.... to today when there are so many out there today for just a few $'s,... Based on others experiences with these cheaply offered today wireless readers that work...
  3. rotarykid

    We lost a friend to many here yesterday

    We lost a friend to many here yesterday, a few of you met him at a get together in Pagosa Springs a few years back. Many more met him in the Bio-Diesel clubs he formed and ran over the years..... Even more got engine repair advice and help from him over the years.... His handle on here was...
  4. rotarykid

    Feds Confiscate a retrofitted with TDI power40 Land Rovers Over VIN Controversy

    I found this, the feds are playing hardball over the updates that included a 2.5L TDI transplant.... And then they didn't even allow a defense, is this thing headed for the crusher??
  5. rotarykid

    New audi a8l 4.2 tdi

    Price ~$130k, as tested ~$170k:eek: 37 mpgImp(7.6 L/100km, 31 mpgUS) Nice ride, I wonder if we will ever see it here???
  6. rotarykid

    Southern France with a speed limit in a 1974 khaki-green Kombi

    not sure if this in the right place but I found it pretty cool and interesting.... Australian family driving around southern France on the wrong side of the road, from their perspective....
  7. rotarykid

    dead fuel gauge after sub 0* F cold snap??

    About a week or so ago in my friends low miles 00 Golf TDI automatic the fuel gauge went dead. Every other gauge is working perfectly. The automatic trans is shifting without issue. We hit the -18* to 0* F range for about a week. The engine ran rough and the speedo went dead for a few minutes...
  8. rotarykid

    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news...

    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news... For the first time since the 1970s as of mid summer 2014 a province of Canada(British Columbia) now has a 75 mph(120km/hr) limit posted on some of it's rural built to freeway design highways...
  9. rotarykid

    I saw a TDI CC today in Denver today 9/14/2012

    Today around lunch time on south bound US285 (Hamden ave) & CO 391 (Kipling ave) traveling in south west metro Denver today I saw a gold TDI CC with CA manufacturer plate. There was also a gold New Beetle Turbo with CA manufacturer plate traveling with it. They came flying by me then they both...
  10. rotarykid

    accidentally put B100 in a Corolla gas tank

    I accidentally poured some B100 5.6 gals into my 07 Corolla which had maybe 6 gals in to begin with a couple of weeks ago . Drove the car for about two miles then drained the tank completely or as much as I could get out . It threw a code for running too lean , has thrown it couple of times...
  11. rotarykid

    2010 Polo World Car of the Year by the New York Auto Show

    The 2010 Polo declared "World Car of the Year" by the New York Auto Show . Too bad we can't buy it here .................
  12. rotarykid

    The " Green Police " TDI commercial

    Did anyone else see the superbowl Green Police Audi Clean Diesel TDI commercial ?? Kool , I thought ............
  13. rotarykid

    Looking for BD in the Anaheim/Garden Grove Cal

    Looking for BD in the Anaheim/Garden Grove Cal . I'll be down here for a week or so this time , any BD local . B100 preferably but lower will do . I need about 5-8 gals . Thanks
  14. rotarykid

    Have a friend that did a mark & pray and payed bigtime $$$$$

    Earlier this year a friend did a mark & pray on a ALH Jetta , he had the tools to do it correctly but had no understanding of how . Another friend spent several hours trying to deal with this guys &**& up of the timing job to no avail . My friend gave up and I wasn't available at the time to fix...
  15. rotarykid

    Looking to put together a TDIfest09 in the Denver area committee

    I'm looking to put together a proposal committee for having the 09 Fest in Colorado , Denver area front range & mountains . A group willing to meet , elect officials and sign a responsible statement for putting together and making a proposal to the TDIclub . For me to go forward with this I need...
  16. rotarykid

    Pentosin PENTOSYNTHTS 5W-40 505.01 ??

    Does anyone else here use PENTOSYNTHTS 5W-40 ?? I have a local dealer where I can get 5L bottles . I've been using the stuff since the PDs came to market .
  17. rotarykid

    Anyone know anything abt a Blk 98 Jetta with Bora emblem

    I have a friend of a friend that just got a Black 98 Jetta TDI with a Bora emblem on the deck lid last week off of Craig's List . The new owner is in Colorado where the car is parked currently incapacitated . The turbo went out on it yesterday just after he purchased it . I'm Just trying to...
  18. rotarykid

    New York State Resists Ticket Camera Expansion Hopefully

    New York state legislators are resisting the call of mayors anxious to install red light cameras. Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown, for example, is facing legislative hurdles to his plan to use photo enforcement to deliver $13 million in revenue. The cameras require the prior approval of the General...
  19. rotarykid

    Big 3 miss the boat again with add campain to block CAFE increase

    The auto makers from Detroit are starting a radio & TV campain this week to block an increase of CAFE to 35 mpgs . If they could/would use their political pressure to get less stringent light duty diesel rules they could fill the roads overnight with 40 - 50 mpg US big 3 branded diesels . How...
  20. rotarykid

    Getting ready to change brake fluid , has anyone used one of the 10 yr rtd brke flds?

    There are several so called long life DOT 4 replacement like -( DOT 5.1 -- Long-Life Non-Silicone Synthetic EXTRA LONG LIFE 100% synthetic fluid for hydraulically actuated-brake and clutch systems. (Based on Polyglycol chemistry). DOT 5.1 NON-SILICONE BASE suitable for up-grade from DOT 3 or...