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  1. ThatBruceGuy

    507 00 compared to MB229.52

    Hello y'all, I was looking at the specs for the new CDI oils and they've upgraded from the older .51 to .52 Is there any difference other than a low SAP target? Take for example LiquiMoly Toltec 4600 It's a 5W-30. Passes dexos2, BMW LL-4, MB229.51& .52 And yet it only meets 505 00/505 01 but...
  2. ThatBruceGuy

    AGM Prtoective Battery Box Blanket

    Hello TDI club, I'm shopping for an AGM replacement and came across several references to the Protective Battery Case needed to shield the AGM from heat. Looking up the part number HQ0-915-411H but nothing *fits* according to the VWPartsComputer. What gives? Is there a proper shield or...
  3. ThatBruceGuy

    WTB: FlashZilla V3 w/ Cable

    Interested in picking one up from someone local. Preferably in the South Central Ontario area. If you know anyone who doesn't need theirs any more, I'll happily pay for it.
  4. ThatBruceGuy

    Mk7 Rear Washer Leak (but in the bulkhead/firewall)

    Came across a unique problem on my GSW, whenever I use the rear washer nozzle, fluid builds up in the bulkhead. The fluid then leaks out through the holes in the bulkhead where the pedals and steering rack poke through. I've looked through the diagrams detailing the rear washer fluid hose but...