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  1. velociT

    Roof Rack MPG costs....

    The other thread got me wondering if anyone here has removed a roof rack and documented the MPG before/after? I still have the stock one, and might remove to try to eek out a couple MPG.
  2. velociT

    FS: Plat. Gray 06 pk0 23k miles

    Selling my 2006 Platinum Gray Jetta package 0 5M TDI. 23k miles, $16,900 cash. I am the original owner, title in hand. Car was bought from Ancira VW in San Antonio, Texas. I have all the maintenance records which include oil changes every 5k since birth. As you'll see, this is the beast in...
  3. velociT

    Blue Mk4 on Lakeline in Cedar Park, TX

    Was right next to ya at the Lakeline/Bell Light tonight. I was rolling sheeple style in the g/f's gasser, so you probably didn't notice me. So who is it? :)
  4. velociT

    My Kitteh likes VW/Audi's!

    Proof here: Mega-Kitteh™ approves this post.
  5. velociT

    So... Mythbusters got a stock Hemi Magnum to get 44.5 MPG

    They got 44.5 MPG without modifying their Dodge Magnum. They followed a semi at highway speed at a distance of 10 feet. I can't help but think that means we'd probably be getting 90-100mpg in the same test. :D
  6. velociT

    2006 Jetta TDI 5M Cold Start Video

    Video makes it seem a bit louder than it really is. Mine plays sound good at about 30% volume.
  7. velociT

    Good Hotel in Chicago?

    What's a good hotel in Chicago for sightseeing and probably going to the Steve Wilkos stage? :D Thanks in advance.
  8. velociT

    What temp is typical summer D2 good to?

    Ok, I know that fuel differs alot... so I'm saying your average summer ULSD D2 fuel is good to around what temperature if left untreated by an anti-gel additive?
  9. velociT

    Test & Tune, SAR 11-07-08

    I'm gonna be going down to SAR this friday night for Test n Tune. Anyone else wanna go out there? Gates open at 6pm.
  10. velociT

    Dealer changed the oil... Did I get owned?

    Invoice says they billed me for 505.01 oil. They've always put '505.01' on the window sticker, but just put '5w30' on this one....
  11. velociT

    Anyone have a High-Idle Switch?

    I havent heard of anyone having one, just trying to see if anyone has done it. To those of you who dont know, a high-idle switch is used to prevent carbon buildup in the engine during extended idling.
  12. velociT

    Got some new threads...

    Seeking your approval... :D
  13. velociT

    Exxon posts 11 billion 2Q profits, but "is just passing on the cost"

    I'm getting really tired of this BS. If I was them, I'd be hiring more security.
  14. velociT

    *** is this? (Engine Bay Q)

    The large chrome looking opening... seeking to find out what it does. Visually, it wraps around the exhaust manifold... but I'm trying to figure out what purpose it serves.
  15. velociT

    Finally.. a Mk5 Jetta 3" Downpipe *installed*

    Picked up the car today, after getting this put on: Gonna go get the rest of my exhaust 3" tomorrow. Very happy with the Boostlogic 3" downpipe, car sounds amazing, and it seems like the turbo spools quicker and more effortless.
  16. velociT

    Who's waiting on someone to make a Mk5 downpipe?

    I know I've been waiting for months for someone to make a downpipe for our Mk5 cars. Trying to get a number on how many others are also in the same boat, so maybe we can show the manufacturers the amount of potential interest in this part. EDIT: These are about to me made, send me a pm if you...
  17. velociT

    Mk5 Boost/EGT Gauge Pod?

    Anyone make a behind-the-steering wheel gauge pod for one or two gauges that fit a Mk5 Jetta?
  18. velociT

    06 Jetta Hard-start Q's...

    Tried to start my car today... and it didnt want to. Turned the key, and it would catch, rev up, and then die. Repeat, repeat, tried it again and i hit the gas, and it started. Turned it off once i had driven it about 20 miles, tried to turn it back on and it would catch, rev up, almost...
  19. velociT

    Anyone make a Mk5 Jetta Downpipe

    Looking for a catless downpipe for my car. Does anyone even make them? Internet searches have turned up nothing.
  20. velociT

    Austin Biodiesel

    Anyone else notice the Bio that was traditionally available at the Signature stores has vanished? First the biowillie pumps, now this. Are there even any places to get it anymore in Austin?