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  1. allevil

    WTB Westfalia Tow Bar for MK6 Golf

    Hi. Not sure if you are still looking for the hitch, but I have removed my Westfalia Euro Hitch complete from my '12 Golf TDI. I have the complete hitch assembly and a wiring harness I have replicated from info here on Fred's. Plug and Play. Also complete lower valance with removable panel...
  2. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    My opinion of the USED wheels is that a basic refinish would have them looking like New. I feel the imperfections are slight and any standard refinish or powdercoat would clean and clear them up.
  3. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    Helios Whees - (2) Brand NEW, (2) Used The following pics are taken 4.2.14
  4. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    The Salamanca Wheels just sold today, locally. Thanks... Jeff
  5. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    Offers? Trades for TDI Tuning, Pipe, Delete? OEM LED taillights?
  6. allevil

    Show what you tow!

    My Car is Bone Stock. No Engine or Suspension Mods. Westfalia Hitch and Rear Valence are the only things changed from new. (window tint and Helios wheels as shown in the first pic)
  7. allevil

    Show what you tow!

    2013 RZR XP4 900LE w/Aluma UT12 My car is a 2012 VW Golf TDI w/Tech, 6MT, and Westfalia Hitch. After researching here, I found that my TDI was quite a capable machine. Thank You Fred's TDI Forum and Members! Now that I have used it, other than just transportation, it is the BEST Car I've...
  8. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    Thanks... you know... you could get an adapter... ;)
  9. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    Trades? LED Tail Lights? Diesel Tuning parts? (dpf delete downpipe, intake, tunes) I travel to and thru Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska and Kansas City MO often. Possible meet or delivery???
  10. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    The other picture is of a Helios Wheel. This is One of the (4) Wheels I have. This one is the Brand New Out of the Box. (OEM Center Cap Included with New Wheel, not shown in the pic) I can text or email pictures a little easier. Please reply here or a PM with your info and I'll get more pics...
  11. allevil

    OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106

    WITH PICTURES - OEM VW Wheels Helios and Salamanca - Iowa, 51106 I have finally found a set of wheels I like. With that being said, I have the others available for sale. I have (4) OEM VW Helios Wheels. This is a 19" wheel with 5 on 112mm Bolt Pattern. Of the Helios, One is Brand New in the...
  12. allevil

    feeler..2002 nb for sale

    I don't see a price listed. Have I overlooked it???
  13. allevil

    JSW - Let's talk about Towing

    Thanks vw_leadfoot! I had followed your wiring harness example when I wired my car. It was a GREAT How-To for the install! :) Specs on the Trailer/RZR weight - Trailer is #725, RZR is #1400.
  14. allevil

    JSW - Let's talk about Towing

    See this Video: I have a 2012 VW Golf TDI, 6 speed Manual, with the Westfalia Hitch. ITS AWESOME! I pull a Aluma UT12 trailer with a 4 Seat Polaris RZR XP4 900LE from Iowa to Utah. It's about 950 miles one way and I go across Colorado on I70. If you...
  15. allevil

    Locating a '12/13 Golf TDI..

    I don't have to sell, but I'd consider it... 2012 VW Golf TDI, Silver, 2 door, 6 speed MANUAL, Loaded, Tech, Westfalia Hitch, 40K miles. Basically, the only thing my car doesn't have, that was available, is 4 doors and auto. All service on time and exactly as spec'd. Never driven...
  16. allevil

    NorCal to the Arctic Sea and back. 8,000 miles with 2 lifted TDIs

    24 hours of Daylight is kinda crazy! You will have to shut the shades just to sleep. I can't tell what cities you are hitting, but if you plan on stopping in Fairbanks, I'd recommend the Pump House for dinner. Great Prime Rib! Have a GREAT TRIP! I look forward to your pictures!
  17. allevil

    Rawtek Downpipe & Mid with Resonator Arrival!

    You are a Very Tolerant Man! I hope you do take this Crap from Girls! You could be in a Terrible Relationship or Marriage! :D Honestly... Good Luck with your Car. :)
  18. allevil

    Going to have high mileage.....

    I'm straight North of you, in Sioux City! I got a '12 at the end of June, I have 13,000 on mine already. My driving is leisure and travel AFTER my work week. I I plan on putting a few thousand miles on, over the Thanksgiving break. (I tried to buy at Performance in Omaha, Great Guys...
  19. allevil

    Thoughts on Westfalia Hitch mod for weight distribution

    I just put a Westfalia hitch on my Golf 2 door. You can't see it when the "Swan Neck" is removed. I just got the rear valance for it too. It has a pop-out section for accessing the hitch. VERY NICE! Very Easy Install. ;) Check out vw_leadfoot on here... He's got a ton of Good Info...