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  1. lildevildee

    Hampton Roads GTG

    Anyone in the area interested in meeting up at a local restaurant? Friday, March 14th, 5:30pm Hooters of Chesapeake. 801 Battlefield Blvd.
  2. lildevildee

    Moving Help

    We're loading up the Penske to head east. There is one item I cannot move because I'm just not strong enough. It's the entertainment center and it's upstairs. With the doors, drawers, and shelves removed, we need at least 2 more guys. 3 would be even better. We pick up the Penske truck...
  3. lildevildee

    Red A3 TDI driving SB on I5 in Everett

    Yes, you. The almost-40 looking guy with a black leather jacket and greasy, wavy hair. Aside from making a complete arse of yourself because you couldn't stand to be stuck behind my Sprinter, you also hit my tire. Apparently the McDonald's was much needed because the shine coming from your...
  4. lildevildee

    Oct. 5th Reception

    BleachedBora went out and found himself a wonderful woman that will marry him. He wants to invite all of the tdiers to the dessert reception on Friday, October 5th from 7-9pm in Portland. Please RSVP to
  5. lildevildee

    Oct. 13th Final Fling GTG

    As most everyone already knows, we're heading back to the east coast at the end of the year (Dec - Jan time frame.) We want to have a social GTG at our house in Everett before we head out. If there is enough interest, we'll pick up a (pony?) keg from Scuttlebutt :) Marcell, tell me what you...
  6. lildevildee

    We're heading back to the east coast

    We just found out today that StElmo will be getting orders back to the Tidewater, VA area later this year. We'll most likely be leaving in Dec/Jan time frame. I know I'll miss the west coast but I'm looking forward to being back on the east coast as well!!!
  7. lildevildee

    Free wiper blades

    You pick up in N. Everett. Two sets of Bosch Micro Edge 22" blade refills.
  8. lildevildee

    A5 goodies might be for sale

    Yes, I'm cross-posting. Go ahead and string me up :) I'm decontenting my Jetta some if there is interest in the parts. I have: fog lights, silver tail lamps, Monster Mats, and mud flaps. I even have a spoiler if someone wants to meet me locally and swap boot lids :) Anyway, here's the...
  9. lildevildee

    Feeler FS: A5 Jetta items

    In the next couple weeks, I'm going to be pulling a VW move and decontenting my Jetta :p I'll most likely be selling my Monster Mats, Silver tail lamps, splash gaurds, and fog light kit if there is interest. If there is someone around the Seattle area that wants a reflex silver spoiler and...
  10. lildevildee

    VW TDI - check out the model

    Um, wow. And to think they are actually a VW dealer.
  11. lildevildee

    Not my car: 2005.5 TDI FS

    So I found this while scanning my local craigslist. I did email the person to let him/her know that they had AT LEAST 3 major goofs with their ad. It still hasn't changed. Would you buy this car?
  12. lildevildee

    It's really FS this time: 2005.5 pack 2 man. tran

    I thought we'd be able to swing keeping our TDI but it's just not in the finances :( And, that third carseat is just too big! Here it is, again, in a new thread. 2005.5 New Jetta package 2 TDI 5-spd manual transmission <21,000 miles Reflex Silver with gray leather interior $24,900 Extras...
  13. lildevildee

    '01 Eurovan question

    Ocassionally, the brake light on the dash stays lit up upon starting the EV. When this happens, the climatronic will not blow any air no matter what fan speed. To remedy, we shut off the EV and restart. It usually takes care of it but sometimes we have to restart a few times to get it to...
  14. lildevildee

    A T5 TDI with Cali plates?

    Looking at the EV_Updates site, I saw a T5 Multivan with Cali plates and the good ol' TDI emblem on the back. I did a quick search here but didn't find anything. Anyone know anything about this? I'm not schooled in Cali license plates so I can't tell if it's registered to a private party or...
  15. lildevildee

    FS: 2005.5 A5 Pack 2 TDI w/ manual tranny

    As much as I hate to even think about it, we really need to find a new home for our Jetta. Since we can't get 3 carseats in the back and the hubby only lives a mile from work, it's not financially responsible for us to keep it (sometimes I HATE being an adult!) 2005.5, Package 2, manual...
  16. lildevildee

    Front-end body work question

    2001 Jetta. Letting the clutch out (no accelerator pedal,) hubby rear-ended someone last month (5-6mph tops.) Car died after imact since clutch wasn't in. Minor damage; basically stress cracks in the paint on the bumper. After having it repaired (we should have done it ourselves!) the...
  17. lildevildee

    Might be time to say goodbye

    After looking at our budget and needs, it might be time to let the A5 go :eek: :( With the third child due in Sept, we cannot fit 3 carseats into the rear of the Jetta. Even by the time the other two are in booster seats, there still isn't enough room for 3 carseats. We have a law going into...
  18. lildevildee

    I'm joining the Emissions Workshop rank

    Got a CEL and Emissions Workshop today when I started the car. Vagged it; it's a glow plug cylinder 2 open circuit. 19k on the car; I was able to squeeze out another 10k more than what Guttboy had before he had the same issue. Hopefully though, we won't have the issue again after it's fixed...
  19. lildevildee

    Pensacola GTG 6/2?

    Anyone want to do a GTG in downtown P'cola before the parade? Dinner first then head over for the parade? What restaurants are within walking distance of the route? It's been a few years since I've been in downtown so I'm not familiar with it anymore. Must be kid-friendly and not a...
  20. lildevildee

    Sirius horror stories

    I want to hear about all the bad experiences you've had with Sirius. I'm so fed up with XM right now. If I switch over to Sirius, will I be trading one company for another with basically the same issues?