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  1. nayr

    CP4.1 Bypass Plate

    I dont have a 2.0TDI anymore, but I was researching putting the CP4.2 Bypass plate on my 3L TDI and I found this: Thought some of you guys might be interested, someone should drag the bimmer OP over here.
  2. nayr

    LowPro CNC ALH Coolant Flange

    Ive been talking with Gruven Parts about doing a billet aluminum block to bolt to the side of the head that improves clearance issues with ALH swaps.. it would replace the plastic (AT) or aluminum (MT) flange with a block for coolant nipples or AN fittings that mounts directly to the head and...
  3. nayr

    2014 Q7 TDI - #dieselgate upgrade

    Old: 2013 Golf TDI 6MT @ 56k Miles w/Technology Pkg New: 2014 Q7 TDI Prestige @ 42k Miles, Very well optioned Loved everything about my golf, but my family outgrew it and it had been struggling in severe weather and back mountain roads.. It was primarily our road trip/recreational vehicle...
  4. nayr

    Nat Geo Road Atlas

    My old road atlas was beatup and falling apart so I decided to do a bit of research this time before buying whatever the local big box store had on the shelf.. This time around I got a Nat Geo Adventure Edition Road Atlas and started comparing it to the previous Rand McNally its got alot more...
  5. nayr

    Review: OE Wind Deflectors

    Since I had to burn cash at the dealer I got a full set of wind deflectors for all 4 windows and the sunroof. I searched all around high heaven for photos and feedback on these and found little more than a bunch of comments from people who never actually had them saying they were a total waste...
  6. nayr

    Diesel Kills

    Got back last night from a 3k mile road trip, I open my garage door to find the gutted shell of a rabbit, that was not there when I left.. At this point I have no other recourse but to lay the blame on Diesel. by rabbit, I mean the furry type that hops about.. and by Diesel I am referring to...
  7. nayr

    2 Years to the day.

    Today my warranty expired, and it was exactly 2 years ago to the day that I bought my very first brand new car.. kinda serendipitous it happened on the purchase anniversary. If I wasent in the middle of my bus project I'd be ordering a new exhaust and stage2 chiptune today... soon. I really...