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  1. valvecrusher

    Indicator/WARNING lamps 101

    What do all those funny lights in the dash tell us? Are they important? Hope this helps... OK, I'll see myself out....
  2. valvecrusher

    1996 n 1997 B4v - Hickory N.C. $5700 for pair

    1996, 1997 Passat Wagons - B4-v - Variant Hickory N.C. $5700 for pair Both cars were running and have sat for at least a year. I was driving them around my property to keep the oils stirred, but not since 5-29-2019. I'll edit this post with details and pictures Saturday morning. Both are...
  3. valvecrusher

    New Beetle Hitch options: Let's see them

    I was looking for a good hitch for my '03 Beetle... Is there ANY option that uses existing holes in rear frame rails? :confused: (Drilling into flimsy sheet metal is the type I have found, and I DONT like those... :( ) Please show a picture from below, showing how YOUR Beetle Hitch is...
  4. valvecrusher

    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    I was just wondering.... is there ANY interest in a small gathering of like minded TDI folks.... My inquiry is generally thinking a NON work GTG, or some minor tinkering under the hood.....showing off and chatting more or less. I know there USED to be an enthusiastic group in the Carolinas...
  5. valvecrusher

    WTB: ALH Injection pump for 2003 Beetle

    FOUND!!!Thank you TDIclub!** ALH Injection pump for 2003 Beetle **Got one!** Thank you TDIclub, and everyone who responded. I'm looking for a servicable non leaking, decent mileage injection pump for a '03 Beetle I acquired to replace my wrecked Jetta. I'm putting a TB, wp, full rollers...
  6. valvecrusher

    2000 Jetta Timing Belt COMPLETE kit

    Hi (again) everybody. I joined the A4 crowd, after prior Mk2 Jetta TD, B4v, and 2013 Passat cr2.0 ownership. first things first, the timing belt!! I want the MOST complete kit, rollers, thermostats, water pump, etc....but i do not need the intake manifold gasket at this time. I...
  7. valvecrusher

    Mobil Delvac 1 Rebate PepBoys 35% off = $8 gallon (roughly, depending on locale)

    I was browsing threads on and found this thread...Delvac 1 Rebate $12 per gallon well, it was posted since 9/21/15, but i didn't see a great deal of TDIclubber's taking note... Well, i just used code all4u100 and it still works... :cool: I had no problems last time, and...
  8. valvecrusher

    Wanted: 1.6 IDI pump 9mm or 10mm

    if you have a good 1.6 IDI pump for '86-'92 1.6 ECO motor, please PM with price or bring it to the Midlands GTG in Columbia S.C. ( I haven't had a car to drive in almost 3 years, since the ECO 1.6 started running poorly, hard to start/stay running, and was parked) PM details.. #1 preference...
  9. valvecrusher

    1.6 TD ECO valve part numbers

    does anyone know the VW part numbers: intake valve... exhaust valve... for the Jetta ECOdiesel 1.6td, 1992? Does anyone know where to source them, reasonably... Are there any particular brands that are OEM spec? conversely, are there any brands i should TOTALLY avoid the chinese crap...
  10. valvecrusher

    My B4 resurrection: WANTED list..

    set of B4 motormounts. Front engine/transmission mount BRACKET(I need the bracket) complete injection pump, running be continued... (Send PM on parts you might have, along with a suggested ballpark price, ok?)
  11. valvecrusher

    Bringing back a B4

    '96 passat TDI I need new motor mount BRACKETS....might as well do them ALL.... does anyone have used set sitting around from a B4 they parted? Will Jetta(A3) use the same mount brackets? gasser A3? also need new silicone vacuum lines...I know there is a thread, but where do you source...
  12. valvecrusher

    TDIclub dinner? Charlotte NC

    If there is interest in having a TDI dinner meetup out....send a pm or post up in this thread. Charlotte is central to many places in VA,SC,NA, WVa, N.E. GA, and e.TN. We thought about having a TDIclub dinner, and talk about fixing and continuous maintenance on TDI's of ANY...
  13. valvecrusher

    Silicone turbo 90° source?(s)

    K14 I need part# 060 129 628,(or suitable replacement) for my '92 jetta TD. It doesn't have to be the factory piece, aftermarket is a-ok! It looks like: refuse to pay $69+ship used(link)for a 20yo rubber part, when my 20yo one just blew out, dry-rotted. ...Can anyone recommend a suitable...
  14. valvecrusher

    WTB: 1.6 N/A IDI 9mm VW Inj.Pump

    Looking for a 1.6 injector pump, off a naturally aspirated 1.6 IDI VW engine. 86-92 in USa.(Jetta, Golf) I'm looking for a GOOD pump, no leaks that is servicable...(can put onto car and run) (My ECO 8mm pump is might be leaking, and it's TB time anyways) Please PM if you have a good one...
  15. valvecrusher

    $500 vw 2000 Golf TDI -- Miami FL

    No affiliation.(I'm in NC, but this seemed like a GOOD price, thus i relayed it to the club) Black 2000 VW Golf TDI (diesel engine) with ~150,000 miles. Well-maintained but needs new ring gear and starter, so it currently won't start...
  16. valvecrusher

    DIRT CHEAP OEM FACTORY floor mats, B6, mk5 Rabbit, and TT mk2

    I KNOW this isn't a private sale, but the 'commercial sales' forum won't let anyone other than vendors post new threads in the commercial and group buys section. B6 PassatMk5 RabbitAudi TT mk2 *sorry* about the spammy post. i saw them on a bargain listing containing 'vw' wasn't trying to...
  17. valvecrusher

    passat timing moves around 1996 1z

    1. I bought a 'dead' passat. It was running, but advertised as 'needs engine rebuilt'. I've had it since Dec. I finally got VCDS and was checking the timing, it was 'too advanced to be displayed' I set the timing on it, a '96 B4 1z passat, and while driving around in 1st...all of the sudden...
  18. valvecrusher

    Barryville NY to Statesville NC?

    found some wheels on the vortex, in Barryville NY. I'm in NC, could get to I77, Statesville pretty centrally... Anyone traveling that route,soon, and wants to pick up some cash for fuel, send me a pm. It's 4 15" wheels, btw rims and i'm trying to get him to keep tires, but let's be...
  19. valvecrusher

    wanted 15/16" 4x100 BBS or other spoked alloy rims

    15" or 16" prefered, 14" considered Anyone have a set of 4x100 BBS wheels or similar replicas sitting around in their way? Chipped, faded ok! peeling ok! but nothing curbed please. must look similar to any of these... Most of these are the 5 lug, but i need the 4 lug, 4x100...
  20. valvecrusher

    timing belt spanner PIN size

    what size are the pins on the spanner wrench for tightening the timing belt on a 1Z/AHU? Asking about the 'pins' that go into the tensioner mechanisim... what size diameter are they?(mm.) thank you