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  1. Nozzleman

    Adapter plates

    I'm running one of EVGUY's adapters with an ALH and an AX15 in my Ranger. I recommend it. Coming up on 60K miles.
  2. Nozzleman

    2022 TDIfest Discussion Thread

    Subscribed. We go to a truck show in Branson. The good thing is there is something for the wife and kids to do. Meeting up at the go-kart track to swap some paint is an added bonus.
  3. Nozzleman

    WTB MKIV ALH automatic car dead or wrecked TX

    There was a post in the conversions section about a year ago where a guy built an ATV with a TDI and automatic. I figured I would try to find a whole wrecked car to start with.
  4. Nozzleman

    WTB MKIV ALH automatic car dead or wrecked TX

    I'm looking for a MKIV ALH automatic car that is cheap. Wrecked or dead is fine. Would like it to be w/i 300 miles of Dallas TX. Let me know what you have.
  5. Nozzleman

    Fuel Lift Pump Options

    I have been running my ALH using a GM throttle body fuel pump and its factory bypass valve which ought to be about 14 lbs. Is there a later version of your truck that has an EFI tank? Is there a flat area on the top of your tank where you could use a bolt down fuel module? I have never run...
  6. Nozzleman

    Oil Cooler, Heat Exchanger, or none for Swaps? Heat issues? Warmup Issues?

    I used one of EVGuys remote filter plates and a standard remote filter setup then added a sandwich style filter off of a late 90's E150 van that looked like this: I had clearance issues trying to the stock filter...
  7. Nozzleman

    Heads up. 92 Cabriolet spotted in Pick and Pull Ft Worth TX

    There is a NICE '92 VW Cabriolet in the Pick and Pull in Ft Worth TX. I would have driven this car it was that nice. It was complete except for wheels on the morning of 07/02/21.
  8. Nozzleman

    TDI based generator

    I have been looking at building an ALH based generator using a 21kW generator head. It sounds like Malone can write the tune to make the electronics work. There is an option of using a shaft drive head or an SAE bellhousing. One thought is using a stock flywheel, machining a disk to go in...
  9. Nozzleman

    Is the car dead?

    I twisted the center out of a clutch disk and it did a lot like what you are describing.
  10. Nozzleman

    Living that TDI Swap life...

    Great work! I keep pondering doing one, as if I need another project. Kind of leaning towards a TDI ATV right now. I assume you cut the firewall to keep from having to move everything forward to clear the vacuum pump? What gears in the diffs?
  11. Nozzleman

    Headliner longevity

    The one on my wife's 03 Jetta started falling down and the foam turned into a semi liquid goo to the point it stained the fabric. I never found anything that would totally take the stain out. Black car in Texas heat will get to 160* plus in the summer.
  12. Nozzleman

    1995 Ranger/B4000 TDI Swap

    I am running the EDGE hood and grill and just barely cleared the PD150 intake. I have a coil spring truck.
  13. Nozzleman

    smaller alternator for a 1.9tdi - anyone know?

    I ran into a clearance issue and ended up removing the A/C mount and running the stock 2002 Ford Ranger 2.3L alternator. It is mounted to the original alternator top mount and had to be spaced between the outer mount with about 0.080 shim washer. The lower mount is a fabricated bracket off of...
  14. Nozzleman

    Repurposing MKV fans Need to understand wiring

    I am re-purposing a set of MKV fans. There are 2 heavy leads that provide ground and power. There are also a small purple/yellow and blue lead that are required to make the fans run. Before I let the magic smoke out, how do these small leads tell the fans to run? Just hooking hot and ground is...
  15. Nozzleman

    dead multifunction relay x2? 03 jetta

    03 Jetta. The battery died on it due to non-use so time came to get annual safety inspection. No horn, no cruise, no radio button function. Put in battery, cleared codes and went through the trouble tree replaced fuse 5 (burned) checked all others including hidden ones checked and...
  16. Nozzleman

    Swap in a 2003 ranger

    I started out with a 2wd Jeep 4.0 NV3550 and replaced it with an AX15 out of a Dakota due to noise. I had to cut out the hole where the original stick came through the floor about 1/2". I chose to run the large bellhousing for a larger clutch and heavier flywheel since I am running at the...
  17. Nozzleman

    TDI Ranger Build

    I have seen several clean unspliced battery cables over the years that looked beautiful on the outside that wouldn't start the vehicle. Another thought is that as I recall you are running an electric fuel pump that the Jetta does not have.
  18. Nozzleman

    Been a weird week

    I think you have a wiring issue and the left turn is breaking the circuit. Motor mounts and dog bone good?