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    FS: PD150 Injectors

    I've got a set of PD150 injectors I pulled from my '05 BEW wagon that's being parted out. Injectors have approx 150k kms on them (95k miles). Made great power with the 1756 turbo and the rest of the mods I had on a car. Improved MPGs quite a bit as well over the stock PD100 injectors...

    Power side mirror ball socket adjusters

    Is there a way to replace these if they've snapped or am I looking at a complete mirror replacement? I've searched Google, TDIClub and Vortex without much luck.

    Best place to get a AC clutch oil?

    Doing some troubleshooting on my AC and found the coil is toast and need a replacement. Been searching Ebay (Seems to be the cheapest) but would like to stay local or even used if any of you guys have one laying around.

    God damn liftpump.

    Dead, of course it happened when I was on my way home from Tim Hortons this morning, so I had a nice walk to finish the trip, lol. Anyone have a spare laying around they want to get rid of? Car is currently about 3 blocks away from the house with the 4 ways on. I gotta get CAA here with a...

    Jetta wagon trunk actuator issues....

    Been searching and searching pretty much all day trying to piece together info from a thread here and there and can't pin down what's going on with my wagon. I noticed the problem when I had random issues with the latch handle not engaging the actuator. So I'm thinking, no big deal dead...

    WTB: Programmer

    Purchased a tuner from Mike? Got your car all set? Wanna sell that tuner? Just drop me a PM :)

    LF: MK4 Jetta Pass side mirror glass

    Decided to test out the strength of the passenger side mirror with my garage the other day, you can guess what won. Must be heated, blue tint or standard really doesn't matter. Have a set? Even better.. No aspherical mirrors please, not a fan of them. Paypal or Interac e-transfer ready to...

    Props to Barrie VW.

    Well the wagon has been getting harder and harder to start in the cold since the retune/mods were installed so I thought it was time to get the latest BEW glowplug/module/ECU flash recall done. Dropped by Barrie VW yesterday at 4pm and talked to the service adviser. She took my VIN, typed it...

    FS: Front and rear wagon seats

    Pulled these out of my '05 wagon to install some high bolstered Wolfsburg seats as soon as I got it home. Great condition, everything works (heat) etc.. Just need them out of the garage. $200. Pics to follow.
  10. LNXGUY

    Who's got a rear axle bushing tool I can borrow?

    Rear axle bushings are toast on the wagon, I need to get them swapped. No way I'm doing it like I did on the 99.5 (Big hammer, lots of swearing).. If anyone has the tool I can borrow I'd appreciate it.
  11. LNXGUY

    LF: Wiper linkage

    Sister's '01 Golf had wiper linkage seize over the weekend, instead of ripping it apart to clean and to just fail again I want to replace it. If anyone has a linkage laying around please drop me a PM. Looking for either new or untouched, I dont want a linkage that's been taken apart and...
  12. LNXGUY

    LF: Oilpan for BEW

    Sitting on the side of the 400 as I type this. Something big flew off the back of a transport truck and took out the oilpan. Got it shutdown before the idiot light came on so I'm not to worried about the engine. Need an oilpan obviously. . Used is fine as long as its never been repaired.
  13. LNXGUY

    FS: BEW Injectors, 1.8T pancake pipe, BEW Intake mani,

    For sale are my BEW injectors that were removed @ 200K and replaced with PD150 units. Injectors ran perfectly before removed from the car. The BEW injectors have 8mm plungers compared to the 7.5mm units found on the BRM engine. Great place to start if you want to slap some R783's on them for...
  14. LNXGUY

    WTB: OEM MKIV Jetta bra

    Apparently a popular item, discontinued from VW for a few years. Looking to pick one up for the wagon. Let me know if you've got one laying around!
  15. LNXGUY

    More BEW cold starting hell, with a twist!

    '05 BEW wagon, torsion set at 3.9, new starter, harness checked out fine (delivering 6.6V), plugs all in the 1.0-1.2ohm range, good battery, new liftpump, lots of fuel etc etc. Car would have a really hard time starting up in the cold. Glowplugs would stay on for about 5-6 seconds, I'd...
  16. LNXGUY

    LF: MKIV Gold Rear Wiper Motor

    Sisters '01 Golf's rear wiper motor is pooched. I don't have the time or the desire to pull it out and clean the linkage/un-seize it... I'd like to do the quick and dirty and swap it out. If anyone has one just drop me a PM. I also need a passenger side mirror glass as well. Thanks!
  17. LNXGUY

    Tandem pump on it's way out?

    Weird issue with the car after it sat for a week.. Started it up after I got home from a fishing trip and it was idling really rough.. Revved it a few times to see if it would straighten itself out but it wouldn't. Got code P0203 (Cyl.3, Injector Circuit Fault in electrical circuit), cleared...
  18. LNXGUY

    Anyone have a stock BEW intercooler FS?

    I'd love to install my Boostfactory SMIC but it's going to require a new lower IC pipe seeing that the car is so much lower then the old one.. Of course when I went to swap in the 3bar map on the stocker one of the MAP screws snapped. So what I need is a stock BEW IC (Or any other year that...
  19. LNXGUY

    FS: Stock exhaust from '05 BEW Wagon.

    Just took the stock exhaust off the wagon, it's in great shape. DP with cat - $150 Midpipe to the muffler - $100
  20. LNXGUY

    FS: MKIV Jetta sedan hitch

    Just pulled the Hidden Hitch off my 99.5 Jetta before it went for it's last ride to the wreckers *sniff* *sniff* Has the plastic hidden hitch cover as well, I might have the receiver around here somewhere. $100 as it sits.