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  1. VelvetFoot

    I think I fell in love with a Sportwagen

    Don't get me wrong, I still love my MINI, but.... There was a car show down here at the Empire State Plaza and they had a real nice white Sportwagen. What are the negatives now of a TDI? I've been away. Do they still have timing belts? Thanks VF
  2. VelvetFoot

    Best Offer: 5 Aluminum Wheels, 2000 Beetle, No Snow

    5 Aluminum wheels from a 2000 Beetle. One might have had a scratch repaired. They are dirty but pretty scratch free. I had steel winter wheels so they didn't see salt. Best Offer. Must Make Room. Must Pick Up (will not ship).
  3. VelvetFoot

    Wingnut EGR Valve, 2000 Beetle TDI

    $40 This is an EGR valve from which Wingnut so skillfully removed the evil EGR part. It still has the flapper. EDIT: This does indeed now have the black plastic actuator for the flapper. SOLD!
  4. VelvetFoot

    EGR Valve, 2000 TDI Beetle

    Note: No black plastic valve actuator. $30 + shipping
  5. VelvetFoot

    2000 Beetle TDI Manual ECM 038906012N

    2000 Beetle TDI Manual ECM 038906012N- SOLD Sold!
  6. VelvetFoot

    Hello and MINI Update

    Hello everyone. I miss the group. Nothing else like it on the web for depth and friendliness. Alas, I have had a MINI Cooper, 08 (R56) for 5,000 miles now. Very nice car. Sporty yet economical (no problem 40+ mpg, two tanks of 45 mpg and one tank of 48 mpg). 6 speeds but more close...
  7. VelvetFoot

    New Roof Rack Bars For Beetle, Part # 1C0 071 126

    SOLD! $100 + shipping Never used. In original box. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  8. VelvetFoot

    New ALH BoostValve

    New ALH BoostValve $30 or Best Offer + Shipping SOLD! TDI-BV $30 or Best Offer + Shipping Never used.
  9. VelvetFoot

    New ALH Turbo

    New ALH Turbo-SOLD! SOLD! $550 038 253 019c Bought as spare and never used.
  10. VelvetFoot

    New ALH Injection Pump (manual, 10mm)

    Sold! 038 130 107 D $650 + shipping Purchased as spare, never used.
  11. VelvetFoot

    2000 Beetle GLS TDI For Sale in Albany, NY: $5900

    2000 Beetle GLS TDI For Sale in Albany, NY: $5900 or Best Reasonable Offer SOLD! Yes, I am selling my yellow Beetle that I've owned since it was new (we are getting a MINI). It has 213,000 easy miles (my screen name is after all VelvetFoot :) ). The paint looks great and has been garaged at...
  12. VelvetFoot

    Exhaust Leak? Maybe; Dropped Motor Mount? For Sure

    2000 Beetle has 212k miles. Developed what I thought was an exhaust noise. Couldn't find the leak, but excessive motor movement did reveal a dropped passenger side motor mount! I guess the twist could've broken something loose on the exhaust. Engine has 8k miles til next 80k timing belt change...
  13. VelvetFoot

    What is the length of the dip stick?

    ALH motor. It didn't take as much oil as it should have during a change. I replaced the broken dipstick tube recently. I probably just didn't get all the oil up with with suction tank, but would like to check it. Thanks. PS: I would imagine measuring the entire length of the plastic tube...
  14. VelvetFoot

    How to Change ECM for Rocketchip

    Hi all. I can't find the directions for my Rocketchip switchable ECM (2 and 3.1). Would anybody have the directions to switch the ECMs and activate the two programs? It's at 2000 TDI Beetle. Thanks.
  15. VelvetFoot

    New Non-VW Economy Hatch?

    Any recommendations for a new non-VW economy hatchback?
  16. VelvetFoot

    Windshield Broke-Suggestions?

    My windshield broke today. Any suggestions on replacing? I think I have full glass coverage. The OEM windshield has a sun tint strip on top and some black-dots on the edges. Should I go for OEM-spec, or do I just get what the insurance shop gives me?
  17. VelvetFoot

    How I Installed An Aux In Jack On A Beetle

    I thought I would do a write up on this since I just now did it very easily and it seems to be worthwhile. Credit: Much thanks to trainspotted2 on , referenced on a thread I started there, . Background: I have a 2005...
  18. VelvetFoot

    Radio Connector Pin Part Number

    Does anyone know the part number of the female pins for the back of the radio? I'm pretty sure I can get the Aux input to work on the ~2005 radio I have. See: Please...
  19. VelvetFoot

    Beetle Aux In Part Numbers Please

    I am trying to make hook up an auxiliary jack to the newish (2005 or so) vintage non-monsoon cd-player equipped oem deck in my 2000 Beetle. This radio allows an aux input by pushing the cd button. (I don't want to lose my VW Phatnoise to an adapter.) I understand it's just a matter of hooking...
  20. VelvetFoot

    Borescope Uses?

    I got one (36", 1/4" diam), now I have to justify it. What could be some car related uses? I just read a thread on a replaced cam follower where someone recommended to remove the head for inspection-I figure this could be used there by looking through a glow plug hole. The scope is resistant...