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  1. tdisky

    The impending diesel bombardment

    I saw a new Ford Escape last week, and chatted with the driver. He said it was only a rental, but his wife likes it so much she's considering buying one when they get home. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the new Escape is the US-spec'ed Kuga. I think the size and styling is...
  2. tdisky

    VWoA and the use of B20!!!

    No biodiesel supporter in their right mind would claim it's the answer to all our fuel issues. The answer used to be petroleum, but now we need a diversified energy portfolio, if you will. Biodiesel is just one piece of the puzzle.
  3. tdisky

    TDI is gone and it's time to move on

    It was covered under warranty; it had 55k on it. What happens after 60K? I haven't heard any official word on warranty extensions.
  4. tdisky

    TDI is gone and it's time to move on

    If I can just chime in here... I was recently a charter member of the "don't worry, drive happy" crowd, and told everyone who would listen. Then my HPFP failed on the New York State Thruway, so now my failure rate is 100%. I don't care if the overall failure rate is 0.01% or 10% - it...
  5. tdisky

    Bailed out of TDI yesterday

    I was hearing that VW is instructing its dealers to suggest using a different brand of diesel to avoid HPFP failures. I'm not kidding.
  6. tdisky

    TDI is gone and it's time to move on

    The 1.4L turbo in the Cruze is direct injection? I thought it wasn't. Regardless, 138 hp and 148 lb-ft isn't bad.
  7. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    Yes, they did. I'm looking into an extended warranty; I'd like to keep the car if possible, but don't want the same thing to happen w/o coverage.
  8. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    The dealer heard back from VW, and they're going to cover the whole thing. I don't have an extended warranty.
  9. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    It hasn't been 100% confirmed an HPFP failure. I'm calling VW after work today to initiate a inquiry/complaint. I had to call the dealer yesterday and they said the information was emailed to VW and they were waiting to hear back. It's Thursday, and the car has been at the dealer since Monday...
  10. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    Yes, I've been using bio, but no additives. Mileage is about 54k. The car's at Lash VW in White Plains, NY. Lash told me this afternoon that they emailed VOA and are waiting for their answer.
  11. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    Thanks Rebel. I haven't used any additives, since I don't notice a difference. I used Stanadyne PF in my PD, because it was noticable.
  12. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    Hess on West Main Road, next to Staples. I'm home now, with a rental car. Looks like it is the HPFP; waiting to hear from dealer/VWOA. Thanks for your reply.
  13. tdisky

    Car died, won't start, need opinions

    I'm sitting in a VW dealer in White Plains, NY. My TDI died on the Thruway, and got towed here. At first, the engine fault warning came on, glow plug light flashing, engine light on. Operated on reduced power until I got across the Tappan Zee, then died completely. Good thing I was in the...
  14. tdisky

    Cars I saw in Denmark

    Jack, thanks for the all the pics. The other day I made the mistake of vaguely implying that it might perhaps be nice to move to Europe because of all the cool cars. I don't think my wife will forget that anytime soon. And before anyone starts off with all the taxes there, I'm fine with it...
  15. tdisky

    First Biodiesel fill up!

    I wouldn't worry about the pump shelling out. It's an '05, a PD, if you will. I ran up to B100 in my PD for 90k miles, and by all accounts it's still going well. Are you planning on running B20 in your CR?
  16. tdisky

    My 'anniversary': 10 years of biodiesel

    Congratulations, LN, from another true believer. Here's to another 10 years, and more.
  17. tdisky

    Are we doing a 2011 NEDD?

    Seriously. I'd love a NEDD, and to see you all again. The last time was at the mini-GTG at Malloy Fuel in Cumberland, RI in May 2010. Too long! I did get to meet some new TDIers (to me) Saturday in Port Jervis, NY but it'd be great to have a New England GTG, preferably with a dyno.
  18. tdisky

    The long awaited PIGFEST thread

    Thank you Jason and Sarah for hosting this; I'm sure it was a lot of work to put it together. It was good seeing all those modified TDI's, and meeting many of you. Carlos, I hope you got your overboost issue straightened out. Jeff, I love you even more man. On the way home on I-84 there was...
  19. tdisky

    Irving - 2% bio blend?

    A friend of mine in the energy business told me that many oil companies are quietly blending biodiesel with their D2, not because of lubricity or environmental or other reasons, only because right now biodiesel is cheaper. That they're blending around B2-B5 is good news for us all.
  20. tdisky

    Personalized plate suggestions!?

    My plate is DZLDUB, with a TDIClub "YES, IT'S A DIESEL" frame. The cop who pulled me over for speeding asked me what it meant...he was really a nice guy, though! I like that Maryland plate - very funny. There is (or was) a member on here from Maryland, also with a DZLDUB plate.