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  1. MacBuckeye

    Idle Fluctuations / RPM's at Idle

    Recently started to notice my engine idle speed change (fluctuate). Since owning this car new, the idle speed has always been around 700 RPM's. Initially it is at 1,000 for just a few seconds, but drops to 700 and idles like a kitten. Two weeks ago I noticed it bumping back up to about...
  2. MacBuckeye

    2009 DPF, partial exhaust

    Wasn't sure what to do with this after my DPF delete. Will give this (selling) a shot... Info: 138K miles DPF, exhaust flap, other components. Would sell all together or separately. PM with offers and/or questions. Here's a pict of all the pieces-
  3. MacBuckeye

    HPFP replacement - DIY ?

    Guys- Trying to find info on replacing the HPFP and if this is a DIY for the average weekend mechanic. My 09 is pushing 145K. I’m thinking about replacing the HPFP before it either craps out or wears out. What would this cost? Special tools? Complete list of parts? Buy parts online or at...
  4. MacBuckeye

    Smoking exhaust after turbo fails :(

    I hate to break my own rule about posting discussions in here but..... The short story is my turbo crapped out. While limping it to a dealership approx. 13-18 miles with only 50% power. About 1 mile out I lose almost all power and smoke starts to billow out the tail pipe. :eek: It looked...
  5. MacBuckeye

    2009 Jetta - Died today

    I hate to be posting this, however, here is what happened. 2 hrs from home, on the freeway, notice something odd sounding and losing power. Start to hear a high- pitched sound and the glow plug light flashing. Pull off at exit, noise still there, glow plugs still flashing. Engine power at...
  6. MacBuckeye

    Engine Fault - Workshop!

    I recently had my timing belt done. No issues and the car seems to be running/driving fine. Although I do think the car's engine sounds a tad bit louder than it did before the timing belt service. Three days later, I'm accelerating from a stop sign (normal acceleration, AC is on) and I hear a...
  7. MacBuckeye

    Inake Manifold ?

    I wasn't sure what this was, so I guessed. Anyway, the reason for my post is the oil residue beginning to collect around this part. It's been oil-free for most of the 100K miles. I just noticed it during the last oil change. Is this normal for a car with this many miles? Is this a sign of...
  8. MacBuckeye

    2nd Annual Octoberfest- Raleigh, NC

    I've purchased products from these guys and I'm having some work done next week. Saw this on their website and thought I would share.... 2nd Annual Octoberfest at Black Forest Industries
  9. MacBuckeye

    DIY HPFP repair/diagnosis ?

    Is there a list of all the codes associated with the HPFP problem? I ran into a guy who began telling me about his 2009 TDI with 80K + miles having problems... glow plug light, engine light, losing power, etc. Since I have a VAGCOM, I was going to scan his car for him to see what codes are...
  10. MacBuckeye

    Old (but new) Motor Oil test results

    This is a great article from BlackStone Labs where they purchased old oil (still in the can) and tested it. For those of you who may be older like me, this brought back some great memories of my dad and I changing the oil in our green Jeep Wagoneer. Or my mom's first import car- a 1976 Audi...
  11. MacBuckeye

    Clean Diesel DPF Data Collection Thread

    This thread was started so that members can post information about their DPF’s. This info is obtained using VAGCOM. Using VCDS, select “Control Module”, then “01-Engine”, “Measuring Blocks” or "Advanced Measuring Blocks". 108 or 241 for Oil Ash Volume. 360,365 can also be used. 105 # of...
  12. MacBuckeye

    Show off your display!

    Here's a thread where you can show-off your car's display. Whether it's your best MPG, highest mileage, hottest outside temp, or some crazy combination there of. Perhaps you want to brag about all your CEL's you haven't bothered to fix or clear. Take a picture and post. It was so friggin hot...
  13. MacBuckeye

    Subaru Boxer Diesel and other diesels

    While on a trip to Europe I ran across several TDI vehicles that sparked my interest. Primarily the Subaru Boxer Diesel. 150 PS 2.0 Liter engine. Here's a cheese-eeee video I found on the net. This is a nice looking car and a diesel to boot!
  14. MacBuckeye

    NC to Sweden

    OK, so it's not a true "road trip", but hey...... Leave today with my daughter for a soccer tournament in Stockholm and Pitea Sweden. Will report back on what TDi's I find. Maybe sneak into the Saab or Volvo plants and see what new diesels they are making. :)
  15. MacBuckeye

    Fault Codes... What to do now?

    Scanned my 2009 Jetta this morning. Here are the results... 01-Engine -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000 02-Auto Trans -- Status: Malfunction 0010 03-ABS Brakes -- Status: Malfunction 0010 04-Steering Angle -- Status: OK 0000 08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000 09-Cent. Elect. -- Status...
  16. MacBuckeye

    Brake Fluids

    What's the verdict on the best brake fluids to use? I hear you can't go wrong with the ATE fluids, but what about others? Is it safe to say anything DOT 4 and meeting the FMVSS 116 specification is safe to use in our cars? At least for 2009 MY and up? I was looking at purchasing Castrol GT LMA...
  17. MacBuckeye

    What's in that stuff?

    I hate to post a totally new thread, but I couldn't find a thread related to my question/concern. My wife's Honda Accord almost always leaves a puddle of water under her car. Obviously it's from the AC condensor and is really no big deal. Most cars do this. HOWEVER, I'm noticing my concrete...
  18. MacBuckeye

    White TDI Cup Car Knightdale, NC

    Spotted a White TDI Cup Car traveling West on the 64 Bypass between the Wendell Falls and Smithfield Rd. exits @ about 7:15 AM this morning. Seeing these makes me want to get a new TDI.:)
  19. MacBuckeye

    Keeping it Green with your TDI

    I never thought I would be speaking out for "going Green", but with our new Clean Diesel TDI's, what a cool way to sell/promote/etc. our cars with the "Green" theme and combine a local GTG. On occasion the local papers promote "going green". They (media outlets) look to find people who are doing...
  20. MacBuckeye

    ONLY 2009/2010 Fuel System Related Problems

    This thread is ONLY for HPFP failures and fuel system failures/problems in the 2009/2010 TDI’s. After several discussions with various members a decision was made to have a designated thread to track/monitor the failures and problems associated with HPFP and fuel system issues. I’ll repeat...