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  1. JettaJake

    Thermostat replacement?

    My search turned up no dedicated thread to this subject. Had a problem with the warm/cold cable coming loose (the lever the cable operates dropped down and disengaged from its whatchamacallit) which I fixed and everything seems hooked up properly except there is very little if any heat being...
  2. JettaJake

    VW - piano stairs

    VW: fun while driving AND now walking! :) Piano Stairs
  3. JettaJake

    Balky Windshield Wipers - not fuse....

    Jake's wipers will not come on sometimes when I flip the switch. This can be very inconvenient not to mention unsafe. The problem has happened maybe a handful of times in the past year or so but only very briefly and the condition always self-corrected within a matter of seconds....until...
  4. JettaJake

    Heat from vents when set to cool #*&&@^

    A small problem occured this AM on way to work so I've not had any time to investigate, but with temperature dial rotated all the way to left (full cool) and just blowing air (A/C not on), warm air is coming out the vents. No luck with a cursory search, but I take it a some sort of flap is...
  5. JettaJake

    Come on, UNLOCK the -> "Whats with the HHO ignorance?" thread

    Don't (do not) lock that thread, please. It's a lame move. Yes a lame post to start, but if you do, how will the perpetrator, errr, original poster (and other hangers on), get the chance to report his newfound enlightenment? Seriously, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the thread --- as...
  6. JettaJake

    ESP overactive after suspension upgrade

    The title of this thread was going to be "ESP sux w/ suspension upgrade", but I settled for "overactive" as that adequately describes my issue. Jake ('03 5 spd) was recently fitted up with Koni FSDs and Shine springs along with a rear sway bar. He also has a DG Panzer Plate that helps stiffen...
  7. JettaJake

    Can a 2um CAT Filter Make For Hard Starts?

    Jake (2003 5spd, ~79K miles) is having an intermittent starting problem. At first, I was suspicious of the 4 yr old battery, but it checks out okay so my next supposition has been that the 2 micron CAT filter installed in May 2006 (~12K miles ago) might be involved somehow. There are no...
  8. JettaJake

    NE Cinco de Dyno Day -- Oct 21 -- social thread

    MCA is covering the logistics of lining up the dyno'ers in a separate thread. Please use this non-technical thread is to discuss all things outside of dyno questions....things like, what food/drink you plan to bring, how many Zippy-TDI calendars you want, global warming, # of angels on a...
  9. JettaJake

    NPR Piece on anti-biofuels Berkeley Professor

    Heard on the drive in this morning nhmike and some of our other experts need to interface with this guy -- I'd like to watch/listen :D
  10. JettaJake

    GB Feeler: Programmable Bumpersticker (MobileLED 550)

    I am planning to buy one of these programmable toys and thought a few other TDI'ers might have a similar interest.... It's from Normally, the Model 550 is list priced at $379 (yikes!). The price recently dropped $219 delivered - a heck of a lot better :) but being the cheapo...
  11. JettaJake


    We are asking for your generous support in the way of food & drink. Please reply listing what you think you can contribute. ---------------------------------- EVENT: NE Dyno Day IV - Saturday, October 15, 2005 ---------------------------------- LOCALE: J&M Motorsports / 299 Broad St /...
  12. JettaJake

    Retail fuel costs above 5 cents/mile...

    ...for most TDI's anyway. A bargain seeing as most gassers must be paying closer to a dime per mile. I've only recently added this last column to my fuel data. 12.102g, $2.629/g, 576.2', 53462', 47.6mpg +PSW (5.5c/mile) 15.998g, $2.399/g, 800.2', 54262', 50.0mpg +PSW (4.8c/mile) 11.158g...
  13. JettaJake

    Hacked "smilie" Links --> indecent photos inserted

    Hacked \"smilie\" Links --> indecent photos inserted Was looking back thru some old GTG threads and found two examples of hijacked smilie links --> both of these default to...
  14. JettaJake

    FS: VASB

    Van Aiken Speed Box purchased from Jannety Racing for $400. --> Yours today for $240 + shipping. <-- The box works perfectly. Any questions, feel free to PM or email me. Thx, JJ
  15. JettaJake

    Glowing Red Neon Brakes (not a new fad)

    REPOSTED/New thread sigh....just home from errands, wondering what was causing the shudder I was experiencing. I had suspicions of a fuel or air supply problem or maybe that my VASB was acting screwy. Imagine my surprise on seeing the glow of a RED, <font color="red">RED</font>, <font...
  16. JettaJake

    A very funky car

    Would seem Citroën plans on making a splash with this one (it had better do more than dance).
  17. JettaJake

    City of Bangor Maine - Biodiesel use

    In yesterday's Bangor Daily News.....seems they have some facts twisted/wrong, but still good bioD news. ---- Bangor Daily News Bangor, ME via NewsEdge Corporation : BANGOR - This time next winter, exhaust from the city buses idling in Pickering Square will smell like popcorn, thanks to the...
  18. JettaJake

    Top 10 Future Cars - Take your pick

    Spotted this article from The Guardian today....gotta like #7, the hybrid diesel/electric 'cedes Which one would you pick? --------- Cars/ The top 10 future cars/ How will cars develop in the coming years? Manufacturers will start to use new fuel technologies and new designs as THE...
  19. JettaJake

    Looking for an A4 Jetta GLS trunk liner/floor

    Excuse the cross-post/mis-post but not been getting any bites over in the parts forum. I need a replacement trunk liner (floor). --- why? I managed to dump ~3 gallons of B100 into Jake's trunk.....don't ask but the trunk liner/floorboard was fully loaded with bioD. Fortunately, most of the...
  20. JettaJake

    WTB: A4 Jetta GLS trunk liner/floor

    Bio in the boot 3 gallons of B100 spilled onto/into the floor of Jake's trunk (oh, woe is me!). I don't know if I am more upset at the mess or the loss of all the clean bean juice. Dealer price on the "trunk liner" is $109 but I am guessing it is to be had for much less at a salvage yard or...