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  1. drucifer

    OMI meaning in Car-part listing

    I've been looking at parts for a 5 speed swap. I see notes that say 1.9 OMI or FWD OMI. What is the acronym trying to convey?
  2. drucifer

    Will it Hold?

    I'm trying to get parts together for a 5 speed swap going into a 2004 BEW wagon. I've found a 2005 BEW beetle that the trans swap is being sold out of. The wagon has rocketchip 1+ and vnt17. Will all parts go over? (axles, pedals,switches) transmission is likely EGS. Should I wait for an EUH...
  3. drucifer

    Fueling mishap

    I filled my tank last night. I do not have a ventectomy. I put the nozzle in and locked it on fast. I left my hand on the handle. "Dang this is taking a lot and I have to pee" I smell fuel and there is a puddle on the ground and diesel is spilling out the filler neck. Why did the fuel pump...
  4. drucifer

    Timing belt event

    About a month ago I had a timing belt event. The car lost power on the highway. I pulled over and got it towed to a mechanic I've worked with in the past but this is his first tdi a bew wagon. Things that were found Cam sensor not communicating to ecu Lower timing cover full of oil Cam and crank...
  5. drucifer

    Aftermarket rear bumper for 2004 wagon

    Does anybody know of an after market rear bumper for a 2004 wagon? The guy that redesigned mine is balking at the estimates I got from 3 different private body shops. 1050, 1265 and 1550). The one on the car is beyond repair. Recycled ones once fixed would approach the cost of new. The tow...
  6. drucifer

    OEM glow plug.

    Is this a genuine glow plug? Has anyone ever dealt with this company? The box looks very generic. No symbols on the box. The company does have a website separate from ebay...
  7. drucifer

    Erratic pressure at tandem pump plus limp mode

    There's a bit to unpack here but let's get started. The car is an 04 auto wagon. 333k on the clock. 12k on timing belt, frank06 cam and vnt17. All emissions are intact. Rocketchip tune 1+ 1 or 2k ago. Downpipe/cat replaced. It ran great for a week. Then it didn't. Pancake connection...
  8. drucifer

    Cheap 2011 wagon
  9. drucifer

    An enterprising young man
  10. drucifer

    Coolant return

    Today the hose from upper radiator hose to egr cooler was replaced. Refilled system. How fast should the return line be filling the coolant ball. I only see a drip but believe it should be faster like a weak water fountain. Coolant was at operating temp. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  11. drucifer

    Hatch strut interchangeable?

    I see conflicting sources on what will fit what. I have an 04 jetta wagon. It seems some sources say mk4 golf will fit. Others don't. They pretty much agree that b5/b5.5 passat wagon will fit. Does it matter which way the strut is installed?
  12. drucifer

    He will never miss his mk5 in the parking lot

    2007 gli at the auction Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  13. drucifer

    Dear Malone dealers

    I just got my 04 wagon back from the shop. A bunch of work was done including a frank 06 cam and vnt17 using a smart actuator. The car makes good power once it hits 2k but absolutely gutless off the line. It has had a Malone 1.5 tune for 9 months with the old kp39 and 09a. The turbo...
  14. drucifer

    600 dollar tdi
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    here's directions in picture form Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  16. drucifer

    a different golf

    Can anybody identify this car's front end?
  17. drucifer

    mk4 wagon, 5 light brake mod gone wrong

    I recently tried to do the 5 light brake mod and wound up with the whole tail light dead. Is it a matter of replacing a fuse or is something else that needs to be done. I believe the wire in the center touched another terminal even though it had electrical tape on the connector. This is not...
  18. drucifer

    brakr light issues

    The brake light is having issues. I push the bulb down and it lights up. I release it and contact is broken. The tin cut out will not grasp the plastic tits on the assembly. How do I attach the tin to the plastic? Glue, JB weld, zip tie, mechanics wire or something else
  19. drucifer

    No https

    Would one of the technical computer types tell me what's up with the website? There's no https in the adress only an i with a circle around it.
  20. drucifer

    New turbo sale

    Not really, but aa rodriguez has vnt17 for a good price, $799. Not the greatest but good enough on it's own. If you buy on eBay today by 11pm there's a coupon code for 15% off with $100 max. So now a turbo from a trusted vendor for $699. Coupon code PRIMOSALE only listed electronic items...