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    Weird squeak and clunk at speeds

    I'm having weird noises happen on my 00 Jetta. At first I thought this might have been dogbone clunking, as I have been having issues lately, but now I'm thinking it's not. At very partial throttle, maybe 5-10%, I will get a squeaking noise that sounds like it happens every wheel rotation. If...
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    I've got the dogbone blues.

    So about a year and a half ago now I changed my dogbone bushings for poly. Great upgrade, I loved it. Fast forward to this summer and I had the bolt that goes through the small circle mount get loose on me. It stripped the threads on the tranny. I drilled and tapped to a 7/16-20 and it torqued...
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    No fuel out of #2, 3, and 4 Injectors

    Hey all. Helped my friend change his timing belt on his 2003 ALH Jetta this past week. While we were in there, we also put in an 11 mm pump that we had found for him. When I picked up the pump, the big nut was taken off, so I sent it away to get put back on and timed properly. Got it primed...
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    ALH Totally Cutting Out

    I have a 00 Jetta with an ALH, mods are in my sig. I was driving home from a car meet on Friday night, just driving normally, and all of a sudden the engine started cutting in and out intermittently. I made it onto the main road and floored it and it didn't cut out when my foot was to the...
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    Fuel gauge issues after lift pump install

    Hey all, just put a PD lift pump in my ALH Jetta. Works great, it's just now I'm having fuel quantity issues. When I first installed it, it was reading 1/4 tank low and was not moving. Last week I swapped the float arm and potentiometer from my old fuel sender unit onto the new pump, same...
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    FS: 10mm ALH Injection Pump

    I have a 10mm injection pump for sale. It was pulled from a running junkyard car with around 300,000km (~186k Miles). No visible leaks. The only issue I see is part of the locking hole has broken, but the pump can still be pinned and won't move. PN 038 130 107 D. Unfortunately I don't have...
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    FS: VE ALH 10mm injection pump

    Hey all, I have a 10mm injection pump off of a 2000 Jetta for sale. Pulled it out of the car at just under 361000 kms, and it was still running very strong. The IQ is set at right around 3.2 right now. I am asking $250 + shipping charges for it. I will post pictures when I get home later today...
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    New IP - Some Questions

    Hey all, found an 11mm pump at the wreckers today. Looks like it's in good shape. I've been looking for an 11mm pump for a while and I knew when I found and pulled one that I would reseal the common seals. Unfortunately, the car it came out of had a small engine fire. It doesn't appear to have...
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    Keyfob battery replacement, now not working

    I replaced the batteries in my keyfob, and now the keyfob does not work. I've read to lock and unlock the doors manually with the key and then try the fob after, but my drivers side door switch is broken so it doesn't sense when the car has been unlocked by the key and it doesn't turn the alarm...
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    Weird PS problem...Help!!

    Was getting onto the highway, about 75% throttle as there was no traffic in front of me, and went through 3rd, 4th, and 5th. 5 seconds after getting into 5th gear, I hear a loud bang and felt it through the throttle pedal, but everything still felt fine, same power, no noises or shaking from the...
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    Hard starting after sitting for 8+ hours

    2000 Jetta ALH is having some starting issues. After I get out of school at the end of the day, I hop in and all it seems to do for the first 30 secs is just crank and crank with no sputters. Exhaust comes out of the tailpipe while it is cranking. After a while it starts to sputter and with some...
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    Rear Window Defrost problem

    My rear window defrost hasn't worked since I bought my car, and it's starting to get cold up here in Canada, so I thought I should try to fix it. The button doesn't light up or stay engaged, I have also replaced the button already to see if it was it and it still had the same problem. Where...
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    '00 ALH Cranks but won't start

    I just did my head gasket on my ALH, and did the timing belt while I was at it. Used the proper cam and IP locking tools, everything was lined up at TDC. It cranks but won't start. I get diesel out of the injectors if I crack the nuts. Battery is good. Help!
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    Coolant Leak

    My '00 Jetta has a coolant leak, decently bad. I got under it today, and noticed it was coming straight down from where the trans and the engine meet, is there a jacket near there?
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    Big Brake Problem

    Hey all, just bought my TDI Jetta about two weeks ago now, and I'm having a big issue with the brakes. The previous owner said he had changed them when he sold the car, but I found new pads in the trunk waiting for installation. No big deal, easy job for me. The problem I'm having is when I...