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  1. beachkokopelli

    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    I'll be there. sorry for missing last couple of years. busy with new born daughter.
  2. beachkokopelli

    Dyno GTG-tuning East Coast MD, VA, DC, PA, DEL

    I'm interested in both the dyno run GTG and a VW-TDI Oktoberfest! I've been hosting the latter, without the VW's for 2 years now, as I brew my own beer. I usually brew 12 gallons which equals 120 - 140 16 oz bottles of 5% - 8% ABV. I'll be bringing some to impexfest. sign me up for the dyno gtg
  3. beachkokopelli

    98 New Beetle TDI Herbified

    Happy someone did this. I'm rebuilding and then upgrading my NB engine before I add the Herbie graphics. Painting car black though, tinting windows, with light grey "53" logo and grey stripes. Adding 17/22 turbo and 2.5 straight back exhaust. Your car looks great.
  4. beachkokopelli

    2003 VW NB Interior dvr's side panel?

    we broke the door handle on our 2003 VW NB drivers side beetle, it looks like I have to switch out the middle panel, any ideas where I replace such an item? My time is short so I don't have time calling salvage yards.
  5. beachkokopelli

    TDI Drag Day in MD... An Annual Event?

    Bollox, I can't believe I missed this, sorry guys
  6. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Installed the Stage I last night and to be frank, I can't say I have noticed too much difference performance wise. It is ALOT smoother, both at idle and through the range up to 60+, revving way too high though past that; Need's tweaking for sure. If you look at the mod's the car has had so far...
  7. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Sorry for not responding earlier guys, just installed the tune tonight, haven't taken her out yet; just round the block. Quick hop in the shower then off for a quick blast.
  8. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    I live 4 miles from work so tend to be stuck in traffic 50% of the time. On the highways I tend to stick to 70 ish
  9. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    It's an auto. I used to be stationed in Germany so tend to drive accordingly. Lurker Mike - to answer both your questions. Why? One of life's fundemental questions huh!?! Why bunjee jump from a cable car 1500 meters in the air? Why sky dive out of a plane? Why take a motorbike to 180mph...
  10. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    it's an auto. and I used to live in germany, so I tend to drive accordingly
  11. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Since moving here 2 and a 1/2 years ago, I've owned a V8 Chevy Conversion van, a Suzuki GSXR 600 motorbike, the MKV Jetta, a toyota corrola, and now we just own the one car, the Beetle. I promised her a new car this year, seems about time really!! So when she gets the new one, the Beetle's mine...
  12. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Hoping to paint "Evil Herbie" matt black with a "53" sign on the front this summer, tint the windows, spray the wheels black, and install Kerma Hammerjack turbo. Not comfortable driving around in her lime Green car at present, with big yellow flower thing in "vase" !!
  13. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Haven't received the new file from Kerma yet. I think the ECU was tuned before by previous owner, not sure how many other MKIV TDI Beetles get to 130mph ( Garmin GPS tracked ) without a tune. Really slow on initial acceleration, but once at 30+, it's failry nippy. So I'm hoping Kerma can...
  14. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Problem fixed. Wasn't actually a problem at all. I didn't realise when it says "turn ignition on" - it meant just that, so I was turning the actual engine on, my mistake entirely. Tomo, read inbox :)
  15. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Has anyone else had problems with the Q Loader? Not the slightest thing, but major issues, ie, unable to download the initial file from the PC to the Q loader. Or reading the file from the car? Or uploading the file from Kerma themselves. I don't want to slur anyone - I just want to get a rise...
  16. beachkokopelli

    No Turbo!

    $2000 to clean your EGR, intake and turbo?? Christ, I'd go to KermaTDI and buy a VNT 17, new intake manifold from world impex and order a new EGR for less than that!!
  17. beachkokopelli

    $800 to clean intake on bio jetta?

    world impex sell the AHL intake manifold for $300 or so. Thats your best bet in future.
  18. beachkokopelli

    Beachkokopelli's Jetta's For Sale :(

    Item # 320166050685 on Ebay. 2006 VW Jetta TDI. 20'000 miles. Exemplary inside and out. Upsolute I. NewSouth DashPod. Stewert Werner EGT, Oil Temp, Boost Gauges. Cat Back to Straight Pipe. O.Z 18" matt black Ultraleggers. Usual add ons for package one. Power windows, power mirrors, power...
  19. beachkokopelli


    Why not bring your wife Bob?? Or have you installed the 6th speed transmission AND taken out all the dead weight like seats etc ) :D
  20. beachkokopelli

    Want to help out at the Fest?? Fest Volunteer Thread.

    Sorry guys, no longer able to come to this