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  1. Gothmolly

    Roadforce Premium

    It might be placebo, but it seems like the old oil-burner runs better on this stuff. Does anyone know if Roadforce Premium Diesel is actually any better?
  2. Gothmolly

    vagcom on linux/BSD

    Can anyone share any tips or tricks needed to get vagcom to work in a virtual machine? If you pass the USB controller through does it work?
  3. Gothmolly

    boost controller

    I have an older boostvalve which used to do a better job of keeping the spikes down. It's the kind that opens up to send boost back down the vacuum line to push the turbo the other way. Now either the turbo is stuck at a different position, or the valve has crapped out. Getting 1st gear WOT...
  4. Gothmolly

    wiring pigtail to AC?

    The wire that connects to the AC compressor has broken (I probably hit a stick or rock), and of course its RIGHT at the "D" shaped plastic plug section (not spliceable). Anyone know where to get this sort of plug so I could make another one?
  5. Gothmolly

    front rotors warped while pads show low wear?

    I did rotors and pads 3 years ago, and with COVID and everything the car probably only has 20k miles on it since then. Months ago the front end started the old brake-and-shake, and I finally got a chance to redo pads and rotors today. Pads are maybe 1/4 of the way down from full, and the...
  6. Gothmolly

    when to replace drivetrain mounts and suspension bushings

    2002, 270k miles How do you know when you should replace mounts and bushings? My rear axle bushings are frozen, so that seems a no brainer, but what about front end stuff? And drivetrain?
  7. Gothmolly

    Starter R&R failure modes

    Starters never get younger, I'm considering cleaning/degunking mine before I try and buy a new one. So I don't get left with a car up on cinderblocks, I'd like to know ahead of time what fails - is there a nut that wont come off? A wire that breaks?
  8. Gothmolly

    retarded timing = hard start in cold??

    I saw in another thread that "white smoke that smells like diesel" and "wont start" point to a retarded timing issue. For the past 15 winters, I've had an undiagnosed/undiagnosable problem where when its gets REAL cold, like 10F, the car will turn, fire, run rough, then conk out with clouds of...
  9. Gothmolly

    PSA: ALH owners, change your fuel lines

    After smelling raw diesel on the drive home, and seeing drops of diesel making pretty rainbow patterns in my driveway, I popped the hood and saw the front of the engine was wet with fuel. The return line between 3-4 was broken, like someone had cut it. When swapping it, the lines crumbled...
  10. Gothmolly

    Vendor - - legit?

    Hi guys, anyone ordered parts from these folks? Good parts, legit operation?
  11. Gothmolly

    Rear bushings on an old MkIV - worth the risk?

    With so many miles on the car things are a bit bouncy. In fact, if you undo the shocks, the lower axle does not swing down (I had to put an 8' long 2x4 on it as a lever to pull it down enough to do springs). I'm thinking of replacing the bushings. However, the car's seen better days, I'm...
  12. Gothmolly

    MkIV rear brakes question

    Hi all, a couple of questions: I'm doing rear brakes, and like on one of the front wheels, the little philips screw that holds the rotor on the hub has snapped. Obviously its not what holds the wheels on the car, so do I care? Secondly, I test drove the car about a mile and a half, and when I...
  13. Gothmolly

    ALH underbody plugs - why

    When crawling around under the car the other day I noticed that there are parts of the car with ~1.5" rubber grommets - and many places without grommets. What do these plugs do, and why are they there in some places but not others?
  14. Gothmolly

    Labor to do 5sp fluid change on ALH?

    What's an approximate shop labor charge for this? 1 hour?
  15. Gothmolly

    best way to bypass fan fuse?

    The fuse in my on-battery block that controls the electric fans is getting more and more gunked up, the plastic in the holder is breaking down and getting on the posts, keeping it from turning on. As a consequence, I get no AC. outside of cutting the wires and splicing them, is there a good...
  16. Gothmolly

    100k miles on nozzles, service?

    I put in a set of larger injector nozzles about 100k miles ago. Is there anything I should do to the injector bodies or nozzles after this amount of time?
  17. Gothmolly

    feasability of intake removal for cleaning?

    I've got an old (02) TDI that I'd like to clean the intake on, but in my experience, there's always a bolt or two that's rusted and frozen on old cars. I'm reluctant to try and take it all apart when there's a good chance I'll either shear a bolt, or be unable to reach one. Is this a legit...
  18. Gothmolly

    MkIV hood latch won't open

    I've seen a few posts about this, most of which involve sticking your hand up underneath and flipping the lever towards the driver's side. Except it's frozen (not ice), and I can't get any leverage with just 1 finger. Not to mention the arm scraping and pulling an arm and hand out covered in...
  19. Gothmolly

    MkIV Golf hatch won't close

    There's a few threads on this, but they all describe taking off the latch, which I cannot do. Does anyone know the size of the 12 point triplesquare bit that I need? Also, for future reference, any way to gracefully remove/reinstall the black plastic interior trim covering the inside of the...
  20. Gothmolly

    install thermo-tee fitting w/o leaks

    My thermo-tee fitting on the fuel filter is ... wiggly, and it seems as if air could get in where the hose slides over the tee, despite the clamp. Dabbing some grease on that junction, the air bubbles all but go away. How do you ensure a good mating surface/seal?