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  1. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    I recently acquired another 06 jetta TDI with DSG a couple weeks ago with a bad cam. The DMF is a little noisy but will be taken care of in the near future. I originally bought it as a project and was planning on selling it but the wife ended up really liking the car so it looks like its a...
  2. Marinel

    Question about glow plugs in a BRM

    I've got 188k miles on my car and I've had two glow plugs fail in the last 6 months. I've been tight on cash and I was able to find some replacement glow plugs at Napa for $11 a piece. The Napa catalog says that they were for the brm but they were steel champion plugs. I put them in and I havent...
  3. Marinel

    FS: MKV fuel filter housing

    I have the housing only without the filter. It takes the filter with the olympic style o ring. A couple of the bolts are missing for the lid but they could probably be replaced with other ones. Im asking $60 shipped. PM me if you want a pic.
  4. Marinel

    Is your VW a cop magnet?

    I got pulled over specifically for my window tint recently after owning my car for almost 2 years. It was the first time I ever got pulled over in it. I also noticed that cops like to get behind me and it seems like they follow me for a little while but never pull me over. So does your vw...
  5. Marinel

    BRM Intake clogging

    I pulled my ASV the other day so that I could clean it and I was shocked when I saw this... I was just expecting a light film but nothing as bad as this. Since I bought it I always ran D2 but I ran two tanks of bio in it about a year ago. Has anyone here ever pulled the intake manifold to...
  6. Marinel

    FS: BRM EGR block off plates

    I have an extra set of 1/8 inch steel block off plates for a brm. One for the exhaust manifold side and one for the intake. I'll include a free gasket for the intake side. Asking 60$ shipped obo.
  7. Marinel

    How long do you let the turbo cool down after driving?

    I've gotten into the habit of letting my car idle for about a minute before shutting it off to let things cool down. Is this really necessary with our cars?
  8. Marinel

    Drivers side front door skin.. 06 jetta

    I dont know if this is the right section to post this. But for the life of me I cannot find a door skin online. I have a dent in my drivers side door. Where would I be able to find a door skin for my jetta?
  9. Marinel

    Had my exhaust done today!!

    Ive been wanting to do this for a while and I finally got it done today. Its a 2.5 inch straight pipe from the cat all the way back. It has a slight rumble at idle and when driving my it sounds more like a truck if your outside. You cant really tell the difference in the car with the windows up...
  10. Marinel

    Windshield replacement

    I got a rock in my windshield today and it cracked it right where the rear view mirror is. The crack is about 6 to 8 inches long. Will something like that be repairable? I already called my insurance and they want a $500 deductible if I go through them. Any recommended shops in the Atlanta...
  11. Marinel

    Any tuners in the Atlanta area?

    I finally got approved for financial aid so I got my money back that I sent for school. Is there anyone in the Atlanta area that can tune my 06 jetta? The main reason why I want to do this is because my egr is starting to leak and I want to disable it. And of course I wont mind having a little...
  12. Marinel

    Engine rebuild?

    A friend of my dads has an 03 golf auto with 90k miles on it and a broken timing belt. About how much would it cost for an engine rebuild or a new engine for it? He's offering to sell it for about 4 grand and I'm thinking about picking it up and repairing it. Would it be worth it?
  13. Marinel

    Will I need any special tools when replacing the cam?

    Other than the timing belt tools, will I need any other special tools when replacing the camshaft in the BRM? I have a bentley manual but it dosent go into much detail as far as the cam replacement goes.
  14. Marinel

    WTB: BRM timing belt tools

    I need the tools since im going to be replacing my TB/cam soon.
  15. Marinel

    Which clutch kit should I get?

    Im about to order a clutch kit with the smf from boraparts. Should I go with the sachs or the valeo kit? Would any of you recommend getting a lighter flywheel?
  16. Marinel

    Has anyone ever used syncromesh?

    It's almost time to change my mtf and I was wondering if anyone ever used GM syncromesh. Can I use syncromesh or should I just stick with the oem fluid?
  17. Marinel

    Zddp additive... where to buy?

    Im planning on switching over to mobil 1 TDT in my 06 jetta tdi when I do my next oil change. Can I find a zddp additive at an autozone or a pep boys or do I have to order it online?
  18. Marinel

    I put standyne in my tank for the first time.

    I added an 8oz bottle of standyne for the first time today when I filled up. Immediately after I noticed that my car is smoking more than normal under heavy load. Is this just telling me that the standyne is doing its job or do I have a problem? I also noticed that the engine makes sort of a...